About Anchore

We created Anchore to deliver trusted stability in the fast, fluid world of containers.

About Anchore

We created Anchore to deliver trusted stability in the fast, fluid world of containers

Why We Started Anchore


Our background in cloud technology and infrastructure automation gave us a deep view into many large-scale and complex application environments, and the challenges therein. As container-based production infrastructure gains momentum, we anticipate unique challenges in managing the flow of containers from the different stages of development, and saw an opportunity to help container users certify and secure their containers throughout the application lifecycle. With Anchore, we aim to enable everyone in the deployment process to enjoy the same degree of visibility and confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Anchore do?

Anchore provides a platform and a series of tools to certify container contents, providing a consistent set of tools for developers, operations and security to analyze images, perform queries, define and evaluate policies.

The platform provides a centralized interface for image analysis, reporting, policy scanning, compatibility verification, vulnerability scanning, and other inspection and synchronization tools to ensure that the right containers get deployed in the right places.

Will Anchore provide a container registry?

No, Anchore does not replace public or private registries, but instead provides infrastructure and tooling that integrates with your existing infrastructure, whether that is on-premise or in the cloud. Anchore allows organizations to gain unparalleled visibility into their content and images and define policies to ensure only the images that meet with their operations, security and application best practices are deployed in their environment.

How Does Anchore interface with the rest of the Container Ecosystem?

Anchore is compatible with public container repositories such as DockerHub, and interacts with other container platforms such as Kubernetes, Mesos, CoreOS, ECS, and Google Container Engine. Anchore is not intended to be a “single-pane-of-glass” interface for all container management tasks, but is focused on providing certification and visibility of container contents for all stakeholders in a container-based application environment.

Containers are already easy to use, why do you need this layer?

Containers give developers a great way to quickly test and deliver applications. But once containers begin to move through the QA, acceptance, and deployment processes, it is easy to lose track of container contents, provenance, compatibility information between application components, etc. Anchore provides tools, resources, and a “chain of custody” for containers as they move through the lifecycle, giving each team involved the transparency and predictability they need in a fluid and fast-moving environment.

Is Anchore open source?

The Anchore solution is comprised of two components: a web service hosted by Anchore Inc. and open source components including command line tools for inspection and analysis of container images.

The open source project is hosted on github: