Anchore Container Scan for GitHub Actions

Deep inspection and analysis of container images, seamlessly integrated with existing development workflows

Security, Easily Integrated

Anchore can quickly be added to build processes using GitHub Actions. The Anchore Container Scan action invokes the inline version of Anchore Engine, which runs locally to scan Docker images and return a bill of materials, perform a policy evaluation, and provide a final pass/fail build status.

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Webinar:  Anchore & GitHub Actions

This short, 15-minute webinar provides an overview of the Anchore Container Scan Action for GitHub, and is perfect for developers who want to quickly add deep image scanning to their projects.

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Key Features

Find Vulnerabilities

Discover vulnerabilities in operating system or programming language packages before publishing container images

Create a Bill of Materials

Anchore performs deep inspection of images, providing a complete list of OS and language packages contained within them

Fail Non-Conforming Builds

Using the Anchore Container Scan action, builds that contain high severity vulnerabilities or violate custom policies can be rejected

Define Custom Policies

The default Anchore policy can be customized to enforce best practices, create whitelists, and define rejection criteria