Anchore and Kubernetes: Pod People


Kubernetes has become a major player in the container space by making it easy to deploy complex application architectures quickly and reliably leading to faster time-to-market and low cycle times for application changes. However, those benefits also pose significant hurdles for dev/ops and sec/ops in understanding what is being deployed in order to be prepared and confident in their operational profiles and security posture. The challenge is to deeply understand exactly what is being deployed across the infrastructure without slowing delivery cadence. That challenge is exactly why we built Anchore. Anchore provides the ability to inspect, query, and apply policies to container images prior to deployment in a Kubernetes cluster without impacting normal operations. To show how Anchore complements Kubernetes and integrates into its delivery workflow, we’ve written the following whitepaper. It walks through using Anchore to provide transparency and confidence in a Kubernetes deployment. Take a look and let us know what you think. Click Here to Download the Whitepaper We’d love to hear how you are using Kubernetes or other orchestration systems and what your biggest challenges are in getting container applications all the way to production. Come find us on IRC at #anchore on or check out the open-source code and give it a spin.


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