Getting Started


Creating an Account

The Anchore Cloud can be used without creating an account however creating an account opens up new features including a more powerful search and image subscriptions.
A free account can be created from the homepage of the Anchore Cloud.

Home Page

For a logged in user, the Home page of the system displays a sorted list of all repositories analyzed by Anchore’s SaaS service.
The home screen can be accessed at any time by clicking the home icon from navigation bar.
The default view lists repositories sorted by their DockerHub Rating starting with the most popular.
For paid subscribers, any private repositories that have been defined these will appear at the top of the list.

Searching for Images

The Anchore Cloud provides two ways to search for tags and images.
– The mini-search is available on the header of all pages, providing a quick way to search for images.
– The main-search is available on the Home page and provides a richer search interface.

Mini Search

The mini-search bar can be found on the header of all pages of the system, providing a fast way to search for images or jump directly to a image if you already know the name.

If you already know the name of the image, for example ubuntu:latest or library/debian:latest then you can type the name and press enter to be take immediately to the overview page for that image.

Otherwise you will be shown a list of repositories that match your search query. The search list will include official and public repositories and any private registries to which you have access.

Pressing the  button will expand the list to show a scrollable list of tags for the selected repository.

Selecting the tag will take you directly to the overview page for this image.

The  indicates that a TAG has been marked as a favorite that can be rapidly accessed from the the favorites drop down on the header of any page or from My Images in the navigation bar.

Main Search

The main search feature can be found on the home page which can be accessed by clicking the home icon on the navigation menu or the Anchore icon on the top left of the screen.

The main search is only available to registered users and provides a richer search experience including sorting and filtering of repositories and tags.

As with the mini-search typing the full name of your image and pressing enter, for example debian:latest will take you directly to the overview page for an image. Otherwise a sortable list of repositories will be displayed including the repository name, Tag count, time since the repository was last updated, DockerHub score (if available) and Registry type.

After selecting a repository a list of available tags will be displayed.

This sortable list can be filtered to quickly locate a specific tag for example by typing the tag name, part of the tag name (for example alpine) or by typing in all or part of an image ID.

Selecting a tag will display the overview for the image.

The list of tags includes the tag name, time since the tag was last updated the Image ID of the tag and the size of the tagged image.

The image ID can be copied to the clipboard by pressing the  button.