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Anchore Partners

The Anchore Champion program provides training, tools, and support to allow consulting service providers, system integrators and independent contractors to deliver security and compliance focused solutions to their customers.

By providing access to a mix of commercial and open source Anchore tools, the Champion program allows partners to enable their customers to accelerate container deployments and ensure security, compliance and governance throughout the deployment process.

Anchore Champion enables partners to deliver:

Policy & Governance

Services and a software to allow organizations to define the security, compliance and best practices for their container builds and deployments – removing barriers to container adoptions and giving organizations confidence in their deployments.


Audit & Compliance

Services and software to give organizations unparalleled visibility into their container images: identifying the provenance of containers and content throughout the container lifecycle from development through to production.


Services and software to secure the continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline – applying image inspection, analysis and policy compliance as part of every build and at each stage of the CI/CD pipeline.

What is Anchore Champion?

Anchore Champion is a program that allows service providers to enable their clients to become successful using the powerful security and compliance tools offered by Anchore.

Q: What are the qualifications for joining the program?

  • The Anchore Champion program is open to System Integrators, Consulting Service Providers and independent contractors.

Q: What software is included in the Champion program?

  • The Champion program provides entitlements to Anchore’s Cloud service and on-premises software for the Champion’s individual use. This entitlement is not transferable and may only be used by the Champion program subscriber.
  • The program includes two 100% discounts for annual subscriptions to Anchore Cloud premium that can be provided to the Champion’s customer for their use.

Q: What is the cost of the Champion program?

  • The Anchore Champion Program starts from $5,000 Per Year

1. On-Prem Offering Support & Training

  • Support for Anchore’s On-Prem offering provided during normal business hours.

2. Anchore Navigator Software Licenses

  • 5 entitlements for Anchore’s Navigator SaaS offering for internal use only.
    2 discount codes that can be used by end customers which provide a 100% discount to Anchore’s Navigator SaaS offering.
  • Discount codes for end-users for Anchore Navigator Premium.

3. Early access to Anchore releases and new features

  • Access to private beta and priority access to new releases
Our customers rely on stackArmor to ensure that their cloud deployments meet the stringent security and compliance requirements demanded by Government, Financial Services, and other regulated industries. Using Anchore we are able to add container compliance and certification to our existing industry leading Assess, Remediate and Monitor (ARM) methodology for architecting and operating secure and compliant environments Gaurav 'GP' Pal

CEO, StackArmor



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