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Anchore has technology solutions for individuals and teams of all sizes. Anchore open source container compliance tools are freely available and easy to use. Anchore Enterprise and Anchore Federal are integrated compliance platforms designed for the needs of large teams and backed by our expertise.

Anchore Open Source Anchore Enterprise Anchore Federal
Deep Image Inspection
Linux Containers
Windows Containers
Base Image Comparison
Security Scanning
Support for NPM, Python, Node, Java
CVE Scanning
Dockerfile Checks
Credential Scanning
Blacklists & Whitelists
Malware Scanning
Support for Nuget (.Net)
Enhanced Vulnerability Feeds
Compliance & Audit
Out-of-the-Box Policy Support (NIST, Docker CIS)
Graphical Policy Editor
Report Generator
Reporting API (GraphQL)
Continuous ATO Capable
DoD Policy Bundle
CI/CD Integration
Kubernetes Admission Controller
3rd Party Notifications (Slack, Jira, GitHub, MS Teams & More)
Role-based Access Control
Single Sign-on (SSO)
Enterprise Authentication (LDAP/SAML)
Air-Gapped Feed Service
Common Access Card Compliant
Community Help
24x7 Support
Anchore Policy Curation