Anchore Enterprise

On-Premise enterprise ready tools for container security and compliance built on the open source Anchore Engine

Enterprise Ready Container Security & Compliance

Maintain confidence in your production container deployments by managing compliance through insight and control with Anchore’s on premise solution


Perform deep analysis on container images including searchable lists of all packages, files and software artifacts such as Ruby GEMs and Node.JS modules.



Define policies to certify images including vulnerabilities, package whitelists, blacklists, configuration files, secrets, manifest changes, exposed ports or any user defined checks.


Ensure compliance standards and organizational best practices are met by certifying images within the CI/CD pipeline, within your container registry or before images are deployed into production.

Anchore Enterprise

End-to-End security and compliance for the enterprise built on the open source Anchore Engine

On-Premise UI

With Anchore’s graphical user interface users can view and browse repositories, create and define custom policies to be applied to images, and much more.

Vulnerability Scanning

Perform detailed and thorough vulnerability scanning of Operating System Packages, Software Libraries, Reporting on Non-Packaged Files and more.

Anchore API

The Anchore Engine provides a RESTful API that can be accessed over HTTPS for all management and reporting features. The API definition is provided in OpenAPI / Swagger format.

Orchestration Integration

Orchestration Platforms: Anchore Enterprise can be deployed on any Docker compatible orchestration platform including: Amazon ECS, Amazon Fargate, Docker Swarm, Google GKE, HashiCorp Nomad, Kubernetes, Mesos, Microsoft Azure, Rancher and Red Hat OpenShift.

Policy Management

Evaluate images against user defined policies for: Vulnerabilities, operating system packages, 3rd party packages, software libraries, file contents, configuration files, secrets in images, Dockerfile checks, image attributes and approved base images.

Vulnerability Feeds

Anchore Enterprise Feed Service can be run locally or on the Anchore Cloud providing continually updated vulnerability and package data from OS vendors, package repositories and the National Vulnerability database.

Container Registries

Anchore Enterprise supports any any Docker V2 compatible registry including: Amazon ECR, CoreOS Quay DockerHub, Google GCR, JFrog Artifactory, Microsoft Azure ACR, SuSE Portus and VMware Harbor.

Command Line Tools

The Anchore Engine can be managed from a command line tool that is provide for: Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux.

Analysis Modules

The Anchore Engine can analyze any Linux based image and will produce a Bill of Materials covering every artifact in the image including: Files, OS Packages (RPM, DEB, APK), Ruby Gems, Node.JS npm modules, Python Eggs, Java Archives (JAR, EAR and WAR)

CI/CD Integration

Anchore has been designed to plug seamlessly into your container based Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipeline to ensure that you maintain security, analytics, compliance and governance in your workflow.


With Anchore you can subscribe to TAGs and Images to receive notifications when images are updated, when CVEs are added or removed and when the policy status of an image changes so you can take a proactive approach to ensuring security and compliance.

Open Source Engine

The open source engine that powers Anchore Enterprise and allows for detailed inspection of container images, queries, reports and policies that can be used in CI/CD pipelines. Developers can extend the tool to add new plugins that add new queries, new image analysis, and new policies.

Prometheus Integration

The Anchore Engine includes out of the box integration with Prometheus to allow for the collection of metrics, reporting and monitoring of Anchore Engine

Audit Logs

Review details logs of key system and user activity including Images and tags added to repositories through automatic discovery, images added in CI/cD pipelines, image scan results, policy changes, etc.

On-Prem Feed Service

The Anchore Feed Service collects vulnerability and package data from the upstream sources including the Linux distributors, NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and official package repositories including Node.JS, RubyGems and Python Package index.

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  • 4 hour initial response time
  • Hot fixes

Enterprise Level Support

Included with the Anchore Enterprise platform is commercial level support for that extends your team to provide the expertise and experience necessary to deploy and maintain Anchore Enterprise in your environment.

Includes support for:

  • Architectural recommendations
  • Installation, configuration, and operation of Anchore
  • Integrating Anchore with CI/CD platforms such as Jenkins
  • Creating policies and whitelists
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting

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