Anchore Federal Accelerator

A comprehensive program for onboarding to the DoD Centralized Artifact Repository

Ready Your Product for DoD DevSecOps

The Department of Defense is rapidly adopting DevSecOps workflows, automating security best practices throughout their development pipeline. If you are an ISV selling to defense agencies, you have to be prepared.

Anchore Federal Accelerator is designed to help you secure your container pipeline and publish to the DoD Centralized Container Source Code Repository (DCCSCR) and DoD Centralized Artifact Registry (DCAR).

Security Scanning

Automatic container image scanning with Anchore Federal

Repository Onboarding

Expert assistance in DCCSCR project creation and setup

Continuous Evaluation

Proactive notification of policy changes that may affect approval

Anchore Federal Accelerator

This 2-page brief describes the Department of Defense DevSecOps process and outlines our Anchore Federal Accelerator solution.


Anchore Federal

This solution brief provides an overview of our solution for federal agencies, providing out-of-the-box compliance with required regulations.


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