Bringing Security and Compliance to DevOps and Container Environments

Webinar: October 19th at 10AM PST

Would your customers fail even the most basic security audits?

In a few short years containers have drastically changed the IT landscape and help drive a DevOps revolution.

While containers bring a number of advantages, they present a number of security challenges not least of which is the lack of support for containers by traditional IT tools and lack of container experience of operations and security personnel.

In this webinar you’ll learn about the challenges facing your customers as they move from using containers for development and test into full blown production deployments.

Are your customers worried about the security risks brought about by containers?

We will show you how you can you use open source tools to help your customers…

  • Provide insight and control into container based CI/CD pipelines
  • Define policies to ensure that only containers that are secure and meet their operational best practices are deployed

The webinar will provide  practical guidelines to show you can integrate these tools and policies into popular CI/CD platforms such as Jenkins and Orchestration platform such as Kubernetes.

Meet Your Hosts

Matt Jaynes

Matt Jaynes

Founder - High Velocity Ops

Matt Jaynes has been consulting on development and operations projects for the last 15 years. He is the author of “Taste Test: Puppet, Chef, SaltStack, Ansible” and has run the popular “Ansible & Friends” newsletter since 2013. Notable past customers include: CBS, Google, Intuit, VMWare, Showtime, Sony, Whole Foods Market, and Yahoo! He has also made security contributions to Basecamp, Digital Ocean, and Carnegie Melon University.

Andrew Cathrow

Andrew Cathrow

VP Product - Anchore

Andrew Cathrow has worked in infrastructure software for over 15 years with the last 10 years spent delivering open source and open standards based solutions. He ran product management for Red Hat’s virtualization and OpenStack business unit, launching the first commercial KVM hypervisor platform and first enterprise grade Open Stack distribution. Most recently he ran an research engineering team for Verisign.

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