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Introducing Anchore’s free service for discovery, deep inspection and analysis of container images

  • Search for images across multiple registries
  • Explore images including TAGs and History
  • Perform detailed container image analysis
  • See Security issues
  • View policies
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Anchore Navigator

Search for images across multiple registries, explore images including TAGs and history, perform detailed container image analysis, see security issues, view policies, and subscribe for updates

Container Image Discovery

The Anchore Navigator delivers a free service to let anyone discover and analyze images on public container registries such as DockerHub. Anchore’s SaaS service regularly polls public container registries and performs analysis on hundreds of public images – both official and non-official. Anchore collects and stores detailed data about these images including historic information such as how often an image has been updated and the history of image tags.

Today all official repos are scanned along with many popular non-official repos. Logged in users have the ability to request other public images to be scanned.

Container Image Analysis

Once a repo has been selected users can select an image from a sortable list of tags which shows the the tag name, last update, update frequency and size of an image. Selecting an image allows a user to view detailed information about in image including information that is typically not available from public registries including Image digest, operating system, and labels.

Navigator allows users to perform extremely deep container image analysis to see all the operating system packages, Node.JS modules, RubyGEMs, in fact every file in the image is covered in the analysis.

For images with historic information the Navigator allows details from previous versions of a Tag to be displayed along with a change log that is generated by the system to show what packages and files changed between images.

Security and Policies

A detailed security report including Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) can be viewed, allowing the user to see what packages triggered vulnerability alerts and if an update is available.

In addition to listing security vulnerabilities, the Navigator shows the Policy compliance of the Image using the default Anchore policy which assess an image’s compliance based on CVEs, Dockerfile contents and Package Manifest.

Managing and Sharing

Images can be marked as favorites to allow fast access to frequently used images. Users can manage their subscriptions to image notifications and view the list of public images that they have submitted for analysis.

Users can create badges that link to an image’s overview or its policy status and to share links to image to social media.

Find and Explore any Public Image with Navigator

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