Container Security Reporting and Auditing

Anchore provides dynamic security and best-practice enforcement reporting against your container image registry

Ensure Security and Compliance at All Times

Many organizations are deploying container-based infrastructure, which typically include a container image registry, where all container images are stored. Anchore Engine can be deployed quickly within any on-premises environment that can run a docker container, configured to point at your local (or remote) registries, and will immediately start scanning your container images for security vulnerabilities, embedded secrets and keys, and many other security or best-practice check results that you choose to include in a customizable Anchore policy.


Best In Class Reporting and Metrics

Since the engine will be fetching the latest available vulnerability data, and scanning images automatically from your container image registries, users can access security scan reports and policy evaluation results interactively via our on-premises CLI or Enterprise UI, and will also receive webhook notifications from Anchore Engine as scans and policy evaluations are performed automatically. Running Anchore Engine in this mode provides users with a fast and non-disruptive mechanism to start reviewing existing container images right away.

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