OEM Partners

The Anchore OEM partner program allows software vendors, integrators and service providers to extend their offerings with industry leading certification, security and compliance features by embedding Anchore’s best in class container analysis and certification technology.

Empowering Your Technology With Anchore

We work closely with our OEM solution partners, to seamlessly embed the functionality of Anchore’s policy management and analytics engine within our partners offerings to create an integrated suite of applications ensuring security and compliance at every level of the software development lifecycle.

Use Cases

Embed Anchore technology into your offering and instantly deliver container securityand compliance at every stage of a container’s lifecycle

Container Registry

Using the Anchore toolkit, a container registry vendor has the ability to easily embed in-depth security vulnerability reporting and policy based compliance features directly into their container registry. This allows for detailed reporting of the contents of container images as well as any security vulnerabilties that are present in the image in addition to capabilities such as preventing users from pulling out-of-compliance containers.

CI / CD Systems

Using the Anchore Engine CI/CD vendors can add reporting & compliance features to container pipelines to provide a detailed bill of materials for each build showing every artifact present in a container, to produce a changelog showing the OS packages, libraries & other file changes in the new container build or use Anchore’s policy engine to “gate” deployments of containers that do not meet an organizations security or operational best practices.

Orchestration Platform

Partners can embed Anchore to add policy based compliance to container deployments as well as prevent out-of-compliance containers from being deployed. Leveraging Anchore to create dashboards, partners can ensure real time compliance of running containers and provide historic reports for auditors showing which containers were deployed when, and their security and compliance status.

Security and Compliance Tools

Technology partners can use Anchore technology to rapidly extend existing cloud and virtualization solutions by adding integrated support for container compliance and security. This allows for in depth reporting on security vulnerabilities in operating system packages and software libraries including Java, Node.JS, Ruby GEMs and Python.

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Our Technology Partners

We’ve worked with these partners to ensure security and compliance with Anchore


Combining Sysdig secure and Anchore for an end-to-end container secuirty solution


Adding security and compliance to every container based CI/CD pipeline


Verifying the vulnerability and compliance of images for Replicated customers

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