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Several hands on options for installation, training, and support with Anchore

Hands on Help from the Anchore Team

We offer several options for help installing, configuring, integrating and using the Anchore Container Analysis and Policy Engine.


Get training delivered remotely or on site customized for your specific needs.


Get help with installation, configuration and integration of Anchore into your environment.


Get help from an Anchore partner or become an Anchore partner.


Receive a 1 day customized training course from Anchore experts tailored for your environment covering the right information for you with real-life examples that are specific to your environment allowing you to take what you have learned and apply it immediately.

The training can be delivered on-site or remotely. Typical topics include:

  • Installation and configuration of Anchore
  • How to create policies and curated whitelists
  • How to integrate Anchore into your CI/CD pipeline


Spend 2 days with our experienced DevOps consultants to design a customized services solution to secure your container infrastructure – integrating image analysis and policy enforcement into your CI/CD pipeline and continued monitoring of your policies and compliance.

  • Installation of Anchore Engine
  • Integration of Anchore with Anchore SaaS, CI/CD pipeline and monitoring systems
  • Debugging and troubleshooting
  • Creation of policies and whitelists and other best practices recommendations


Find a local Anchore service partner or system integrator to work with you on-site on securing your container infrastructure. Or become an Anchore partner. The Anchore partner program provides training, tools, and support to allow consulting service providers, system integrators and independent contractors to deliver security and compliance focused solutions to their customers.

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