Why I Joined Anchore – David Federlein

Hi, my name is David Federlein and you may remember me from such companies as Ansible/Redhat, Eucalyptus and Digital River. I am extremely excited and happy to announce I’ve joined Anchore as the Director of Customer Success.

The progression of my passion about technology from the early days of my career in unix/linux operations, through development and engineering work, to joining Eucalyptus and Ansible always followed an arc of interest and curiosity. I was always looking to expand my understanding of infrastructure and platform development but also looking for environments that encouraged growth and learning. I was fortunate to have that in the past and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to continue this at Anchore.

At Eucalyptus learning alongside very smart and talented people drove my understanding of cloud technologies and about how to begin to think about templating platforms and infrastructure. This naturally dovetailed into my work at Ansible, helping to build automation that not only could break down communication barriers in siloed customer environments but also to help export the successes of automation across platforms, technologies and entire disciplines in IT.

It was exciting such to be able to work with network engineers to automate their unique needs and tie that into traditional DevOps workflows or to help someone automate an entire level of infrastructure; such as automated disaster recovery between a physical data center and cloud virtual environments.

The pattern was straightforward: How do I learn new technologies to begin to automate something and move my scale up one meta-level of operations to export that as a platform? How can I maintain a deep specific knowledge and also broaden my scope?

More and more at Ansible we worked with container technology within those workflows, and the next progression of my curiosity was sparked by a lot of customers discussing the security challenges they faced when moving so fast within their development pipelines. It was becoming pretty clear to me that I wanted to explore those challenges; to learn and grow with a new platform.

Anchore’s unique approach gives the ability to inject policy-based auditing, vulnerability scanning and security processes into a CI/CD workflow before you launch to runtime. It gives a platform for audit and remediation that fits squarely inside familiar DevOps workflows. In short: It gives auditors and Opsec teams an easy entry to the approach the rest of their technology teams in other areas of expertise are using.

I am extremely excited for the challenges ahead of me here at Anchore and I am very excited to work with a team full of talent, intelligence and empathy. At Ansible, there was a saying: “Be Kind. Be Open. Be Accountable.” This permeates what I’ve seen here at Anchore and it drives part of why I am so excited to be here.

I cannot overstate how exciting this is for me and if you’re reading this thinking about trying Anchore or are already using Anchore: I am excited to work with you as well.