Automate software compliance to reduce wasted time & risk

Find every piece of software. Fix vulnerabilities. Meet government standards. Software Composition Analysis for Cloud-native Applications.


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What Anchore Enterprise Does



Generate and track SBOMs (software bills-of-materials) across your SDLC


Continuously identify known and new vulnerabilities and security issues

Policy Enforcement

Pass-fail against compliance standards with built-in policy packs


Notify teams with suggested fixes via GitHub, Gitlab, Jira, Slack, and more


Flexible reporting on compliance, vulnerabilities, and security status

Streamline and scale security and compliance with an SBOM-powered approach


Enable shift-left DevSecOps

  • Streamline developer workflows with security checks integrated into your existing development tools.
  • Leverage suggested fixes for quicker remediation.

Ease the path to regulatory compliance

  • Use pre-built policy packs to automate checks for NIST, FedRamp, DISA, and more.
  • Define custom policy rules to meet internal or customer requirements.
  • Access reports that validate proof of compliance for individual controls.

Track all the open source you use

  • Access detailed SBOMs generated by Anchore’s open source tool Syft.
  • Track SBOM changes throughout the SDLC as direct and transitive dependencies are added.

Secure each stage from code to cloud

  • Scan every commit in Git, every build in CI/CD, and every deployment to Kubernetes to catch vulnerabilities as early as possible.
  • Know in minutes which applications are impacted by the next zero-day with a quick search of the SBOM repository.

Client Success Stories

“Anchore has proven to be a valuable tool, helping to ensure that the Cisco Container Platform matches our compliance standards”

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Client Success Stories

“Teaming with Anchore to shape the container hardening process for Platform One has been highly successful. Anchore’s strong understanding of our goals has translated into strong support for adoption of modern DevSecOps practices.”

client logo Lt. Col. Brian Viola, Material Leader - Platform One
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Client Success Stories

“Our use of Anchore’s scanning technology can help reassure developers that the containers on NGC have been evaluated for critical security risks before they’ve been put into production.”

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Client Success Stories

“Anchore is one of few container security companies that are approved as part of the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps initiative and a key component for ensuring the security and compliance of software containers within the DoD Iron Bank”

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