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Developer-friendly open source tools for vulnerability scanning and SBOM generation

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A CLI tool for generating a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) from container images and filesystems

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An easy to use vulnerability scanner for container images and filesystems

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Extensions & modules that add continuous compliance to any development toolchain

GitLab | Jenkins | Cloudbees | CircleCI | Kubernetes | GitHub Actions | Azure | Bitbucket | VS Code

Open Source Tools for Container Security

Spotlight on Syft And Grype

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Syft generates a comprehensive Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) you can use to track dependencies in your project - or discover something you didn't know was hidden within someone else's.

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Grype is an open source vulnerability scanning tool that allows you to quickly generate a list of known vulnerabilities that exist within a container image or project directory. Install the Visual Studio Code extension and it'll scan in the background while you code.

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Open Source Is Who We Are

At Anchore, we believe that software is the key to solving our greatest problems, no matter what they are. Software development as we know it would not be possible without open source developers or their projects.

We believe the essential tools for secure development should be available to everyone. That is why open source is part of every decision we make.

Anchore Open Source Tools For Compliance And Container Security

Anchore Enterprise

Anchore Enterprise builds on top of our open source projects to deliver a continuous compliance and security solution that supports your software development lifecycle with full commercial support from Anchore.

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