Anchore Engine

An open source tool for deep image inspection and vulnerability scanning

Use Anchore Across Multiple Platforms

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What Anchore Open Source Does

Anchore Engine allows developers to perform detailed analysis on container images, generating a software bill of materials. Through seamless integration with CI/CD systems, Anchore Engine can prevent publication of images containing known vulnerabilities.

Anchore container security certification process


Anchore Engine is fully-featured and flexible, and can work within a wide variety of environments and development pipelines.


Perform deep inspection of container images, cataloging all operating system packages, files and software artifacts such as Ruby GEMs, JARs, and Node modules.


Define and apply policies based on security best practices and use them to prevent dangerous builds from completing and problematic images from being deployed.


Policies are continuously evaluated to catch issues created when images are updated, CVEs are added or removed, or new best practices are established.


Integrate Anchore Engine into CI/CD pipelines to ensure that builds are only successful when images meet custom security and compliance requirements.


Define checks for vulnerabilities, package whitelists, blacklists, configuration files, secrets in image, manifest changes, exposed ports and more.


Use Anchore Engine analysis and policy checks to ensure that only certified and secure images are deployed in Kubernetes or other Orchestration Platforms.

Install Anchore Engine

With a working deployment of Docker and a few simple commands, you can get up and running in less than 5 minutes.

What You Can Do with Anchore

Explore some of the most popular Anchore commands

anchore-cli image add library/debian:latest

anchore-cli image vuln myrepo/app:latest os

anchore-cli image content myrepo/app:latest files

anchore-cli evaluate check myrepo/app:latest


Integrate Anchore with your favorite CI/CD Systems, Orchestration Platforms, and more.

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By integrating Anchore and Kubernetes you can ensure that only trusted and secure images are deployed and run in your Kubernetes environment

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Anchore has been designed to plug seamlessly into CI/CD pipelines to add deep image inspection, compliance and governance to your workflow.

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