Open Source Container Security

API-centric open source tools for container vulnerability scanning and SBOM generation


Open Source Tools for Container Security

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Generate a comprehensive Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) with a CLI tool.

Gain visibility down to the file level

Automatically generate SBOMs in your CI/CD pipeline

Uncover direct and transitive dependencies

Output SBOMs in JSON, SPDX, and CycloneDX formats

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Quickly scan and generate a list of known vulnerabilities from an SBOM, container image or project directory.

Scan OS and language-specific packages

Get optimized results across vulnerability sources

Automate scans in your CI/CD pipeline

Combine with Syft for faster scans

Get Up and Running in Minutes

Tutorials and documentation for easy implementation

Integration guides for the tools you use

Extend to the Enterprise

Combine Syft and Grype with Anchore Enterprise for the visibility and control you need to secure your software supply chain.

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Open source Meetup

Highlights From Anchore Open Source Meetup - September 2021

Hear developers and security practitioners  share their tips, tricks and lessons learned on securing containers. This session is focused on using open source tools, including Sigstore, Syft, and Grype to improve your software supply chain security.



Expanding Container Security: Announcing Anchore Engine 1.0 and the Role of Syft and Grype

Anchore Engine 1.0 includes a focused feature set for securing cloud-native development environments and also represents an update to Anchore's overall approach to delivering DevSecOps-focused open source tools.

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