Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Management

SBOM Management Solutions

Anchore makes it easy to manage, analyze, automate, and store bills of materials to improve supply chain security.

Bolster supply chain security with Anchore’s SBOM Solutions

High-quality SBOMs enable security teams to scale with their developers. With more visibility, it is easier to secure the open source attack surface and identify open source components in your software supply chain. Want to learn more about SBOMs and their role in supply chain security? Explore Anchore’s approach to SBOM management with this a 15 day free trial.
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End-to-End SBOM Management

Comprehensive, end-to-end SBOM management reduces risk and increases transparency in software supply chains. Anchore automatically generates and analyzes comprehensive SBOMs at each step of the development lifecycle. SBOMs are stored in a repository to provide visibility into components, dependencies, and continuous vulnerability monitoring.
Sample output of an SBOM generated in Anchore Enterprise

Gain visibility with comprehensive SBOMs.

Identify all your software components, including direct and transitive dependencies. Generate SBOMs at each stage in the development process from source code repositories and CI/CD pipelines to container registries and runtimes. Leverage in-depth metadata down to the file level to enforce policy rules.
SBOMs in a SBOM repository

Respond quickly to new vulnerabilities with an SBOM repository.

Keep SBOMs in a centralized repository for complete visibility and ongoing monitoring, even post-deployment. Speed up incident response time for new vulnerabilities — including zero-day vulnerabilities like Log4j — by searching the SBOM repository to easily identify impacted applications.
Added, removed and changed tracked for an SBOM and evaluated by the policy engine

Track SBOM drift to detect suspicious activity.

Detect SBOM drift in the build process to uncover unexpected dependencies, malicious efforts to infiltrate builds, and inadvertent errors. Alert security staff to changes in SBOMs so they can be assessed for risks or malicious activity.
Combined component level SBOMs form an application level SBOM

Gain an application-level view of software supply chain risk.

Tag and group all artifacts associated with a particular application, release, or service to enable reporting on vulnerabilities and risks. For each new application release, leverage tag-based reporting to pinpoint vulnerabilities for fast remediation.
SBOM showing unsanctioned components in an application.

Identify unsanctioned components with SBOM analysis.

Define policies based on rich SBOM metadata for packages, files, configuration data, secrets, malware, and more. Get alerted automatically when disallowed software is identified.
SBOM being shared, saved and used for analysis

Build trust by sharing SBOMs.

Produce SBOMs for individual artifacts or entire applications. Easily share SBOMs to external customers, compliance auditors, and internal security teams to build trust about the ingredients of your software.

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Federal Compliance

Automate compliance checks using out-of-the-box and custom policies.

Open Source Security

Improve open source security by easily tracking direct and transitive open source dependencies to identify and fix vulnerabilities early.


Automate DevSecOps for your cloud-native software supply chain with an API-first DevSecOps solution.

Container Security

Identify and remediate container security risks and monitor post-deployment for new vulnerabilities.

FedRAMP Vulnerability Scanning

Meet the new FedRAMP Vulnerability Scanning Requirements for Containers and achieve compliance faster with Anchore.

Container Vulnerability Scanning

Reduce false positives and false negatives with best-in-class signal-to-noise ratio.

Kubernetes Images Scanning

Allow or prevent deployment of images based on flexible policies and continuously monitor the inventory of insecure images running in your clusters.

Container Registry Scanning

Identify and remediate new risks and vulnerabilities as they emerge.

CI/CD Security & Compliance

Embed security and compliance into your CI/CD pipeline to uncover vulnerabilities, secrets, and malware in your automated build processes.

SBOM (Software Bill of Materials)

Get comprehensive visibility of your software components and ensure vulnerability accuracy with the most complete SBOM available. Generate, store, analyze, and monitor SBOMs across the application lifecycle to identify software dependencies and improve supply chain security.

Container Compliance

Automate compliance checks using out-of-the-box and custom policies.

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