Container Registry Scanning

Continuous security checks integrated directly into your container image registry

Registry Scanning for Security & Compliance

Deployments of container-based infrastructure include a container registry where images are stored. Anchore easily integrates to scan the contents of popular container registries including Harbor, Quay, JFrog, DockerHub, as well as offerings from AWS, Azure, and Google. With Anchore, you can ensure that images are free from critical vulnerabilities and comply with your organization’s security policies.

Organization Security And Compliance Process With Anchore

Integrate Anchore with Your Container Registry

Anchore Enterprise Delivers Vulnerability Data And Reporting

Best In Class Reporting and Metrics

Anchore automatically fetches the latest available vulnerability data and scans images from the registries you specify. Reports and evaluation results can be accessed interactively using the CLI or Anchore Enterprise UI, and webhooks can be used to trigger action in other systems when problems are discovered. By using Anchore, you can ensure that registries are free from unsafe images.

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