Kubernetes Image Scanning & Security

Allow or prevent deployment of images based on flexible Anchore policies and continuously monitor the inventory of insecure images running in your clusters

How Anchore Security Tools Work With Kubernetes

Continuous Risk Assessment

Continuously watch Kubernetes clusters and namespaces to inventory and monitor the security of running images

Admission Control

Prevent deployment of images that don’t meet your organization’s security policies using a Kubernetes admission controller

Inventory View

Pinpoint risks in your runtime environment with Anchore’s Kubernetes Automated Inventory (KAI) tool, that provides visibility into the security profile of active or recently active containers

Secure CI/CD Pipeline With Anchore And Kubernetes Image Security

Start By Securing Your Pipeline

Embed security checks in the CI/CD pipeline to scan container images as they are built, validating them against flexible policies. Apply out-of-the-box or customized policies that check security vulnerabilities, package allowlists, blocklists, configuration file contents, presence of credentials, manifest changes, exposed ports or other user-defined checks. Anchore continually monitors your repositories for updates and rescans as necessary.

Use Policies To Govern Deployment

Ensure only images that meet your organization’s policies can be deployed. Images that do not comply, or that fall out of compliance due to the discovery of new security vulnerabilities, can be blocked from running in your environment.

Integrate Anchore and Kubernetes to Govern Deployment

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Anchore Enterprise 3.1 Streamlines End-to-End Container Security

Anchore Enterprise 3.1 makes it easy to monitor your running containers and quickly evaluate images for security and compliance risks. Security teams can now watch entire Kubernetes clusters, gain visibility into overall risk in production, and be alerted of new vulnerabilities.

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