Secure Your Container Based CI/CD Pipeline with Anchore

Anchore has been designed to plug seamlessly into your container based CI/CD pipeline to add analytics, compliance and governance to your workflow.

Using Anchore in a Container Based CI/CD Workflow


New code is pushed triggering the CI/CD system to build a new container image based off the latest code


As part of the build pipeline Anchore analyzes the image storing detailed analysis data that can be queried at a later date


A detailed policy evaluation is then performed and the results are returned to the CI/CD platform


Policy violations can cause the build to fail. Passing policy checks allows the image to continue to the next stage of the build pipeline.

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How Anchore Fits Into a CI/CD Container Pipeline

A developer commits code into the source code management system. This change triggers your CI/CD system to start a build which creates a container image. In the typical workflow this container image is then run through automated testing. If an image does not meet your organization’s requirements for security or compliance, the build can be failed, returning the appropriate reports back to the developer to allow the issue to be addressed and avoid unnecessary next steps until tests are passed.


How To Get Started

Get started by heading over to the Jenkins Plugin page and downloading the plugin or read more in our technical docs.

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