Resources to help you learn

Resources to help you

Although Anchore was designed with ease in mind, it performs an intricate task and works within complicated processes. But the team at Anchore is here to help! This page contains solution briefs, white papers, documentation, and articles that can get you and your team on the path to success.

Solution Briefs & White Papers

Anchore Solution Briefs are short, 2-4 page documents that describe the features and benefits of Anchore solutions, and explain how they apply to common DevSecOps challenges. Anchore White Papers are longer documents that contain in-depth analysis of common challenges and detailed guidance on technical implementation, tuning, integration, and best practices.

Solution Brief

Anchore Enterprise

This two page overview of Anchore Enterprise provides a summary of major features, benefits, and components of our policy-based workflow platform.

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Solution Brief

Anchore Federal

This solution brief provides an overview of our solution for federal agencies, providing out-of-the-box compliance with required regulations.


Solution Brief

Guide to FedRAMP Compliance

This guide explains how independent software vendors and cloud providers can achieve FedRAMP authorization for use in federal agencies with Anchore.


White Paper

Container Security for Agencies

This white paper provides explanation and guidance for the various regulatory requirements surrounding the use of software containers in federal government agencies.


The Anchore Blog

Our blog contains information about new product features, detailed walkthroughs of common procedures, and advice on the implementation of processes and workflows.

Compliance’s Role in Container Image Security and Vulnerability Scanning

Compliance is the practice of observing a set of standards for recommended security controls laid out by a ...
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Docker Image Security in 5 Minutes or Less

Updated post as of  September 24, 2020 The adoption of software containers has been spreading like wildfire in ...
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The Importance of Building Trust in Cloud Security, A Shared Responsibility With DevOps Teams

Overall the world is moving towards the cloud. Companies all across the globe are recognizing the merit of ...
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Anchore Enterprise and Anchore Engine have comprehensive documentation that can assist users with deployment, usage, troubleshooting, and integration with other systems in the development pipeline.

Anchore Engine

Anchore Engine open source container and image inspection

Anchore Engine is an open source tool for deep image inspection and vulnerability detection. It is a long-running service, not a single-use tool, and it remembers the scans that it has previously performed. It is ideal for integration with CI/CD systems, and enforces basic security best practices out-of-the-box.

Anchore Enterprise

Anchore Enterprise dashboard

Anchore Enterprise is a comprehensive workflow and auditing solution for large teams. It offers a policy-based approach to compliance, which allows developers to develop at full speed while preventing the publication of container images that do not meet organizational standards.

Anchore Talks

Anchore Talks are short, 10-15 minute webinars that describe new features, outline common procedures, and serve as an introduction to various related topics. These Talks can be viewed on-demand after registering for a BrightTalk account.