Software Supply Chain Security

Secure open source software dependencies.

Easily track direct and transitive open source dependencies to identify and fix vulnerabilities early.
Sample output of an SBOM generated in Anchore Enterprise

SBOM management.

Generate, manage, and store SBOMs for the software you use and build. Leverage SBOMs to identify and track open source dependencies at scale. Ensure that open source components and their dependencies are compliant with all cybersecurity license requirements.
Continuous Vulnerability Scanning for FedRAMP Compliance

Vulnerability scanning.

Analyze and scan source code repositories, CI/CD pipelines, container registries, and container runtime environments for open source software vulnerabilities. Detect zero-day vulnerabilities and instantly identify which components and applications are impacted by simply re-analyzing your stored SBOMs — there’s no need to re-scan applications or cyber components.
Example of reporting showing what images are compliant and which are not

Policy enforcement.

Use out-of-the-box policies or create your own to ensure compliance with internal rules and industry cybersecurity standards. Trigger notifications and remediation workflows based on rules set through a policy engine. Block compromised open source software like Log4j from being deployed into production.
compliance results of policy gates for open source licenses

License compliance.

Identify open source licenses for both direct and transitive open source licenses. Define policy rules to notify of disallowed licenses. Customize policy gates to fail builds or prevent deployment into production.
Anchore Engine action reports configuration example

Streamline remediation.

Prioritize vulnerabilities based on severity, fix availability, or other customizable criteria. Deliver remediation recommendations that make it easy for developers to fix. Reduce noise with allowlists to stop alerts while they are being remediated.

How open source security works in Anchore.

Remediation Recommendations License Analysis Vulnerability Analysis Vulnerability Feeds Analyze Vulnerability Matching Policy Engine Reports & Notifications Scanner OSS & Source Code CI/CD Registries Kubernetes WORKLOAD SBOM Generation
Inspect and secure workloads across the entire software supply chain

Integrations for streamlined open source security.

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Federal Compliance

Automate compliance checks using out-of-the-box and custom policies.

Open Source Security

Improve open source security by easily tracking direct and transitive open source dependencies to identify and fix vulnerabilities early.


Automate DevSecOps for your cloud-native software supply chain with an API-first DevSecOps solution.

Container Security Solution

Identify and remediate container security risks and monitor post-deployment for new vulnerabilities.

FedRAMP Vulnerability Scanning

Meet the new FedRAMP Vulnerability Scanning Requirements for Containers and achieve compliance faster with Anchore.

Container Vulnerability Scanning

Reduce false positives and false negatives with best-in-class signal-to-noise ratio.

Kubernetes Images Scanning

Allow or prevent deployment of images based on flexible policies and continuously monitor the inventory of insecure images running in your clusters.

Container Registry Scanning

Identify and remediate new risks and vulnerabilities as they emerge.

CI/CD Security & Compliance

Embed security and compliance into your CI/CD pipeline to uncover vulnerabilities, secrets, and malware in your automated build processes.

Software Bill of Materials

Get comprehensive visibility of your software components and ensure vulnerability accuracy with the most complete SBOM available. Generate, store, analyze, and monitor SBOMs across the application lifecycle to identify software dependencies and improve supply chain security.

Container Compliance

Automate compliance checks using out-of-the-box and custom policies.

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