Anchore Enterprise 1.2 is Now Available!

Anchore now includes support for vulnerability scans with Snyk, security first reports, enhanced user management and more.

“We love Anchore. It’s tools allow us to simplify analysis and security of the software development lifecycle in a container-native architecture.”

“We use Anchore Engine to enforce security and compliance checking for production container workloads distributed across dozens of Kubernetes clusters.”

“With the Anchore platform we can easily inspect and secure over 10,000 images daily in our container environment.”

“When customers ask us why .NET Core Debian-based images fail their vulnerability scans, I turn to anchore to inspect the vulnerabilities and validate what the customer is saying.”

“Anchore is great! It continues to perform as we scale up our container infrastructure and push it to the edges of its limits. It’s our go-to for container security and compliance.”

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Container Native Security & Compliance

Anchore analysis tools inspect your container image and generate a detailed manifest allowing you to create and apply policies that specify rules to govern security vulnerabilities, package whitelists and blacklists, configuration file contents, presence of credentials in image, manifest changes, exposed ports or any user defined checks.

Analyze Container Images

Inspect your container image and generate a detailed list that includes official OS packages, unofficial packages, config files, language modules, and artifacts such as NPM, PiP, GEM, and Java archives.

Integrate into Your Workflow

Anchore can be run at any point in the development pipeline to produce reports or to evaluate policies allowing policy violations to be caught and fixed early in the CICD pipeline.

Define and Enforce Policies

Define policies to govern security vulnerabilities, package whitelists and blacklists, configuration file contents, secrets in image, manifest changes, exposed ports or any user defined checks.

Run with Orchestration

Integrate with orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes to ensure that only images that are certified by your organization are run.

Anchore at a Glance


Fortune 100 companies deploying on a global security platform


Users of Anchore Open Source and Anchore Cloud


Images scanned by Anchore across 3,000+ repositories

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Anchore Engine

End-to-End Open Source Container Security and Compliance

The Anchore open source project allows developers to perform detailed analysis on their container images, run queries, produce reports and define policies that can be used in CI/CD pipelines. Developers can extend the tool to add new plugins that add new queries, new image analysis, and new policies

Anchore Enterprise

An On-Premise Ready Container Compliance Platform

Anchore’s On-Premises solution provides end-to-end security and compliance for the enterprise built on the open source Anchore Engine. With Anchore Enterprise you can use the Anchore UI to perform deep image scans and create and apply policies for security and compliance, as well as take advantage of an air-gapped feed service.

Anchore Cloud

SaaS Based Discovery, Analysis, and Certification Toolkit

With Anchore’s Cloud SaaS Service you can explore images on all of the popular public registries for the one that best suits you, analyze an image to see contents and history, and create policies to enforce with other images.

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