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Announcing Anchore Enterprise 2.1

The newest version of Anchore Enterprise contains improvements to reporting, vulnerability feeds, and enterprise authentication.
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"Anchore has proven to be a valuable tool, helping to ensure that the Cisco Container Platform matches our compliance standards."
“We use Anchore Engine to enforce security and compliance checking for production container workloads distributed across dozens of Kubernetes clusters.”
"Anchore allows us to maintain security and transparency over thousands of container images throughout the build process and is exactly the type of solution we were looking for"
“Anchore is a top-notch tool for mapping the most relevant CVE to software version and creating custom policy checks and their support team is one of the best we’ve encountered”
“We believe the availability of more freely redistributable, well-curated base images can simplify the development process for our partners and enhance the support experience of our mutual customers”

Anchore Solutions

Anchore Enterprise

An On-Premise Ready Container Compliance Platform

Anchore’s On-Premises solution provides end-to-end security and compliance for the enterprise built on the open source Anchore Engine. With Anchore Enterprise you can use the Anchore UI to perform deep image scans and create and apply policies for security and compliance, as well as take advantage of an air-gapped feed service.

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Anchore Engine

End-to-End Open Source Container Security and Compliance

The Anchore open source project allows developers to perform detailed analysis on their container images, run queries, produce reports and define policies that can be used in CI/CD pipelines. Developers can extend the tool to add new plugins that add new queries, new image analysis, and new policies.

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The Most Comprehensive Container
Security Inspection Platform Today

Anchore performs an in depth analysis of your container image allowing you to generate a detailed manifest and create and apply specific policy gates and checks for your entire container workload on premises and in the cloud.

Vulnerability Scanning

Perform a detailed and thorough scan for any known vulnerabilities in your application and operating system packages

Secrets & Passwords

Ensure all secrets are not present in your image including passwords, API keys, and any other sensitive information

Operating System Packages

Anchore performs a thorough scan on your container image to identify any known operating system packages

3rd Party Libraries

Easily identify non-OS third party libraries including Node.js NPM’s, Ruby GEM’s, Python PIP, PERL CPAN, and JAVA Archives


Whitelist elements of your image when performing analysis to ensure that detection does not block the deployment of an image


With Anchore you can easily blacklist elements like usernames, user ID’s, licenses, packages, or images in their entirety

Dockerfile Checks

Analyze and perform a check on the contents of a Dockerfile or the Docker history for any container image

Other Checks

Identify configuration files, file permissions, unpackaged files, and anything else you’d like to uncover