Deploy Containers with Confidence


Deploy Containers with Confidence

Maintain transparency, predictability, and control over your container-based production deployment


The Challenge

Containers represent the future of application delivery. Allowing IT to deliver increased agility, flexibility, and portability on premise and in the cloud. But development and deployments are outpacing operations ability to apply control and governance to the environment, with no clear visibility into container contents or provenance of images, and no reliable mechanism in place for compliance and audit tracking.

What Anchore Delivers



Perform detailed audits on your images including all OS, app, and config files


Give ops, sec, and dev full visibility into container images throughout their lifecycle

Open Source

Collaborate with the open source community, share best practices & extend Anchore features



Identify the origin of your content and track image status through the container lifecycle


Quickly and Easily add new inspection routines, queries and policy checks.


Make sure you can execute in your current deployment environment



Ensure security operations and best practices by enforcing policies throughout the image lifecycle



Works with leading container registries and runtime platforms both on premise and in the cloud.

Download Our Technical Whitepaper

Download Our Technical Whitepaper


Anchore Open Source Project

The Anchore open source project allows developers to perform detailed analysis on their container images, run queries, produce reports and define policies that can be used in CI/CD pipelines. Developers can extend the tool to add new plugins that add new queries, new image analysis, and new policies.

In this video, Anchore’s Tim Gerla shows you how to get started with the the Anchore command line tools.

What People are Saying About Anchore

“We’re adopting container-based application management rapidly, and with that adoption comes security and visibility challenges. We’ve looked at Anchore’s technology and they have a unique approach that should provide valuable benefits to anyone using containers: developers, operations, and security teams.”

Senior Infrastructure Architect

Fortune 10 Company

“Anchore provides us visibility into our containers beyond just the operating system so we know exactly what we are deploying and where it came from.”

Senior Engineer

Leading Online Retailer

“As containers are adopted at an accelerating rate by businesses of all shapes and sizes and deployed into production, it’s critical to know with precision what is running in a given container and where it came from,” said Stephen O’Grady, Principal Analyst with RedMonk. “Anchore is built to add just these kinds of capabilities to container infrastructure, regardless of what it’s made up of.”

Stephen O' Grady

Principal Analyst at Redmonk

Highlight:  See how Anchore fits into a Docker-based CI/CD workflow in this whitepaper.

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