When you want to sell to the government, it behooves you to pick your partners wisely—and it’s no accident that Anchore chose to work with the largest trusted government IT solutions provider, Carahsoft Technology Corporation, to distribute Anchore's products to public sector customers.

See press release: Carahsoft and Anchore launch partnership in public sector
This is a critical time for DevSecOps in government IT. The federal government, along with state and local government agencies and higher education institutions, are looking to new technologies such as containers, Kubernetes, CI/CD pipelines and advanced development methodologies such as DevSecOps to help drive their need for speed.

Anchore is a key part of the new technology stack in DevSecOps that can help bring government agencies into the 21st century with increased velocity and agility. Moreover, modern software approaches are designed to dramatically improve services while also saving big bucks for government software factories and the digital transformation they are driving. You need look no further than the cutting edge work being done by US DoD’s DevSecOps initiatives such as the USAF’s Platform One and Iron Bank. Both of which, Anchore is a key component. That's why we recently received a SBIR Phase II contract from the United States Air Force for our work in software container hardening.

The Importance of Partners in Selling to Government Customers

Most software vendors who do business with the government work through partners and Anchore is no exception. In fact, our public sector sales strategy is partner-centric. With our newly announced partnership with Carahsoft, nearly all of our government business will flow through Carahsoft as our master government aggregator. The Carahsoft partnership signals that Anchore is “open for business” for government, higher education and state and local customers.
Carahsoft is able to generate unique volume and velocity for its partners’ sales efforts. Its phenomenal sales organization has the resources to address virtually all RFPs and other opportunities in the public sector space and its marketing/demand-gen and operational capabilities are second to none.

The Importance of Real Solutions for Government Customers

Carahsoft has been instrumental in building successful public sector businesses for several leading software vendors, from Red Hat, Adobe, VMWare, Google, and AWS, as well as many others. From its vast portfolio of suppliers, Carahsoft is able to create the right solution to meet the needs of the mission. Carahsoft’s dedicated open source practice is a natural home for Anchore. Working with Carahsoft represents an exciting new chapter in Anchore's channel business sales model, and we’re thrilled to be bringing our technology into Carahsoft’s solution-centric motion.
Along with Carahsoft and its ecosystem of value-added partners and suppliers, Anchor’s public sector sales team is working hard to accelerate cloud-native development efforts in the government sector. We look forward to the chance to jointly help government agencies and institutions utilize DevSecOps to deliver better outcomes for their customers—the citizens of the United States.