Summer is beginning to ramp up, but before we all check out for the holidays, Anchore has a sizzling hot line-up of events to keep you engaged and informed. This June, we are excited to host and participate in a number of events that cater to the DevSecOps crowd and the public sector. From insightful webinars to hands-on workshops and major conferences, there's something for everyone looking to enhance their knowledge and connect with industry leaders. Join us at these events to learn more about how we are driving innovation in the software supply chain security industry.

WEBINAR: How the US Navy is enabling software delivery from lab to fleet

Date: Jun 4, 2024

The US Navy’s DevSecOps platform, Party Barge, has revolutionized feature delivery by significantly reducing onboarding time from 5 weeks to just 1 day. This improvement enhances developer experience and productivity through actionable findings and fewer false positives, while maintaining high security standards with inherent policy enforcement and Authorization to Operate (ATO). As a result, development teams can efficiently ship applications that have achieved cyber-readiness for Navy Authorizing Officials (AOs).

In an upcoming webinar, Sigma Defense and Anchore will provide an in-depth look at the secure pipeline automation and security artifacts that expedite application ATO and production timelines. Topics will include strategies for removing silos in DevSecOps, building efficient development pipeline roles and component templates, delivering critical security artifacts for ATO (such as SBOMs, vulnerability reports, and policy evidence), and streamlining operations with automated policy checks on container images.

WORKSHOP: VIPERR — Actionable Framework for Software Supply Chain Security

Date: Jun 17, 2024 from 8:30am - 2:00pm ET

Location: Carahsoft office in Reston, VA

Anchore, in partnership with Carahsoft, is offering an exclusive in-person workshop to walk security practitioners through the principles of the VIPERR framework. Learn the framework hands-on from the team that originally developed the industry leading software supply chain security framework. In case you're not familiar, the VIPERR framework enhances software supply chain security by enabling teams to evaluate and improve their security posture. It offers a structured approach to meet popular compliance standards. VIPERR stands for visibility, inspection, policy enforcement, remediation, and reporting, focusing on actionable strategies to bolster supply chain security.

The workshop covers building a software bill of materials (SBOM) for visibility, performing security checks for vulnerabilities and malware during inspection, enforcing compliance with both external and internal standards, and providing recommendations and automation for quick issue remediation. Additionally, timely reporting at any development stage is emphasized, along with a special topic on achieving STIG compliance.

EVENT: Carahsoft DevSecOps Conference 2024

Date: Jun 18, 2024

Location: The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC

If you're planning to be at the show, our team is looking forward to meeting you.  You can book a demo session with us in advance!

On top of offering the VIPERR workshop, the Anchore team will be attending Carahsoft's 2nd annual DevSecOps Conference in Washington, DC, a comprehensive forum designed to address the pressing technological, security, and innovation challenges faced by government agencies today. The event aims to explore innovative approaches such as DoD software factories, which drive efficiency and enhance the delivery of citizen-centric services, and DevSecOps, which integrates security into the software development lifecycle to combat evolving cybersecurity threats. Through a series of panels and discussions, attendees will gain valuable knowledge on how to leverage these cutting-edge strategies to improve their operations and service delivery.

EVENT: AWS Summit Washington, DC

Dates:  June 26-27, 2024

Location: Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC

If you're planning to be at the show, our team is looking forward to meeting you.  You can book a demo session with us in advance!

To round out June, Anchore will also be attending AWS Summit Washington, DC. The event highlights how AWS partners can help public sector organizations meet the needs of federal agencies. Anchore is an AWS Public Sector Partner and a graduate of the AWS ISV Accelerate program.

See how Anchore helped Cisco Umbrella for Government achieve FedRAMP compliance by reading the co-authored blog post on the AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog. Or better yet, drop by our booth and the team can give you a live demo of the product.

VIRTUAL EVENT: Life after the xz utils backdoor hack with Josh Bressers

Date: Wednesday, June 5, from 12:35 PM - 1:20 PM EDT

The xz utils hack was a significant breach that profoundly undermined trust within the open source community. The discovery of the backdoor revealed vulnerabilities in the software supply chain. As a member of both the open source community and a solution provider for the software supply chain security field, we at Anchore have strong opinions about XZ specifically, and open source security generally. Anchore's VP of Security,  Josh Bressers will be speaking publicly about this topic at Upstream 2024.

Be sure to catch the live stream of "Life after the xz utils backdoor hack," a panel discussion featuring Josh Bressers. The panel will cover the implications of the recent xz utils backdoor hack and how the attack deeply impacted trust within the open source community. In keeping with the Upstream 2024 theme of “Unusual Ideas to Solve the Usual Problems'', Josh will be presenting the "unusual" solution that Anchore has developed to keep these types of hacks from impacting the industry. The discussion will include insights from industry experts such as Shaun Martin of BlackIce, Jordan Harband, prolific JavaScript maintainer, Rachel Stephens from RedMonk, and Terrence Fischer from Boeing.


Don't miss out on these exciting opportunities to connect with Anchore and learn about the latest advancements in software supply chain security and DevSecOps. Whether you join us for a webinar, participate in our in-person VIPERR workshop, or visit us at one of the major conferences, you'll gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to enhance your organization's security posture. We're looking forward to engaging with you and helping you navigate the evolving digital landscape. See you in June!

Also, if you want to stay up-to-date on all of the events that Anchore hosts or participates in be sure to bookmark our events page and check back often!