We are pleased to announce Anchore Talks, a series of short webinars to help improve Kubernetes and Docker security best practices. We believe it is important to have excellent security measures in place when adopting containers, and that drives every decision we make when developing Anchore Enterprise and Anchore Engine. These talks, no longer than 15 minutes each, will share our perspective on the challenges and opportunities presented to today’s DevSecOps professionals and offer clear, actionable advice for securing the build pipeline.

Containers can create quite a few headaches for security professionals because they increase velocity and allow developers to pull from a wider variety of software. Fortunately, they can also offer more efficient tracking and oversight for your software supply chain, making it much easier to scan, find and patch vulnerabilities during the build process. Using containers, security can be baked in from the start, keeping the velocity of the build process high.

Anchore VP of Product Neil Levine has prepared our first Anchore Talk on this new approach to security, starting with how developers can source containers responsibly finishing with container immutability and its impact on audits and compliance. You won’t want to miss this brief 10-15 minute talk live on October 28th, starting at 10 am PST! It will also be available on-demand once you have signed up for a BrightTalk account. If keeping systems secure is your full-time job, we have some exciting content coming your way.