Building products in an emerging tech space requires a highly collaborative and creative Engineering team. We sat down with Chief Architect & Director of Engineering Zach Hill (he/him) to understand more about creating an environment of psychological safety and operating with a growth mindset.

“At a high level, psychological safety is about fostering an environment where people feel comfortable saying ‘I don’t know’ - because it’s safe to do so and we’ll figure it out together. We’re a fast-paced startup with high-tech products in a fairly emerging industry, and that means much of what we are working on is developing as we go and we are all learning and growing together.”

Anchore’s values of kindness, openness, and ownership play an integral role in the Engineering team culture. 

“You can see it in our Slack channels. You can see it in the way people on the team interact with one another and with their managers. We have a highly collaborative team that’s open to asking for help and being mentors to one another.  It’s an exciting time to be an Engineer at Anchore.” 

If you are interested in joining Zach’s team and working at a company that values kindness, ownership and openness, we’re hiring across our Engineering organization.