Startups come with many opportunities - the ability to partner directly with leadership, to move quickly with decision making, and to work on a variety of projects across the organization. At Anchore, we have intentionally designed our internal programs to provide employees with equitable opportunities for mentorship and career growth. 

Through our continuous performance model, we built opportunity into the foundation of our company culture. We do this by ensuring every employee (regardless of background, tenure, or level) feels empowered to raise their hand with an idea, question, or express interest in a new project. Anchorenauts have ample opportunity to expand their skills as they work towards short-term and long-term career goals.  

Instead of focusing solely on linear career paths, we give employees the opportunity to pursue other roles or career aspirations.  

Andre Neufville (he/him) joined Anchore in November 2019 on the Customer Success team, with a focus on designing solutions that integrate container security best practices into customer DevSecOps workflows.  “My role was to interface with customers and prospects, help them understand how to operate Anchore in containerized environments and integrate container scanning in their development workflows, but there was also an added sales aspect that I hadn’t done before.”

Client service wasn’t always the focus for Andre.  Prior to Anchore, he worked on systems administration and network security. 

“Early on I developed an interest in understanding the components of a secure enterprise network and used that knowledge to design better security around systems and network architectures. At the same time, cloud adoption grew and companies began developing modernization strategies for enterprise infrastructure. I transitioned to the role of a Cloud Security Architect in which I was able to apply my previous experience to advise customers on how to secure their cloud infrastructure and workloads.

When Anchore’s InfoSecurity and IT team was expanding, Andre expressed interest in the role during a continuous performance discussion and was supported by his manager to pursue the opportunity.  The IT Security Engineer role proved to be the perfect opportunity to combine his past experiences and current interests (as Andre is also in the process of getting his Masters degree in Cybersecurity Technology).  

“In the past, I partnered with and advised customers on architecting solutions without the ownership of seeing it through.  The InfoSec role has given me an opportunity to apply the same principles internally, but rather than just advising how it should be implemented, I get to follow through and look for areas of improvement. The whole end-to-end approach really intrigued me and my general affinity towards security that I’ve had in all my roles. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a part of our internal IT Security initiatives and look forward to learning and growing in the role.

Supporting employees to pursue alternative career opportunities within our organization is an integral part of Anchore’s culture - truly embodying our core values of kindness, openness, ownership.  For more on our open roles, check out our careers page here.