When Alfredo Deza came to work here at Anchore it was early in the startup phase, he was employee #16. His path to Anchore began after a storied upbringing in his native country of Peru, where Alfredo competed as a high jump athlete in the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics. He then shifted his determination and perseverance to study how to become a developer. 

“My goal is to translate the stamina and work ethics from athletics to my work as an engineer. Having discipline, not letting my guard down, and doing things the right way has enabled me to propel forward in my career,” said Deza.

After building a strong skill set in software coding and engineering, he pursued a career as a software engineer and still fuels his passion for computer programming in his free time. 

Alfredo has co-authored a book “Python for DevOps” and is currently writing another book on machine learning. He teaches courses on Python and CI/CD, and recently was an expert panelist at GitHub Universe 2020

When he’s not mentoring the next generation of developers and engineers, Alfredo spends time with his wife and three children. He consciously tries to expose his kids to new experiences and let them guide their own interests, in fact, his oldest recently taught himself to play the piano.

“When you carve your path to success with effort, you can apply the principles of ownership and see great results. If you do what you say and live with objectives, amazing things will happen.”