Last month we blogged about securing your Jenkins pipeline, how within 10 minutes you could add, for free, image scanning, analysis and compliance validation. Since then we’ve spoken to many organizations who’ve had the opportunity to add security to their CI/CD pipeline. And it’s also been pointed out that if you don’t read the marketing preamble the whole process takes around 3 minutes before you are ready to analyze your first build.

So in this short blog, we want to see if we can set a record - how quickly can we really add image scanning to your CI/CD pipeline. This video was recorded on a virtual machine running Docker 1.11 and Jenkins 2.32.

Without caching or pre-loading images our time is 2 minutes and 34 seconds - from the start of the install through to kicking off the build. Can you beat that? In less time than it takes to make a coffee you can secure your Jenkins pipeline.

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