Implementing compliance standards can be a daunting task for IT and security teams. The complexity and volume of requirements, increased workload, and resource constraints make it challenging to ensure compliance without overwhelming those responsible. Our latest case study, "How Cisco Umbrella Achieved FedRAMP Compliance in Weeks," provides a roadmap for overcoming these challenges, leading to a world of streamlined compliance with low cognitive overhead.

Challenges Faced by Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella for Government, a cloud-native cybersecurity solution tailored for federal, state, and local government agencies, faced a tight deadline to meet FedRAMP vulnerability scanning requirements. They needed to integrate multiple security functions into a single, manageable solution while ensuring comprehensive protection across various environments, including remote work settings. Key challenges included:

  • Meeting all six FedRAMP vulnerability scanning requirements
  • Maintaining and automating STIG & FIPS compliance for Amazon EC2 virtual machines
  • Integrating end-to-end container security across the CI/CD pipeline, Amazon EKS, and Amazon ECS
  • Meeting SBOM requirements for White House Executive Order (EO 14028)

Solutions Implemented

To overcome these challenges, Cisco Umbrella leveraged Anchore Enterprise, a leading software supply chain security platform specializing in container security and vulnerability management. Anchore Enterprise integrated seamlessly with Cisco's existing infrastructure, providing:

These features enabled Cisco Umbrella to secure their software supply chain, ensuring compliance with FedRAMP, STIG, FIPS, and EO 14028 within a short timeframe.

Remarkable Results

By integrating Anchore Enterprise, Cisco Umbrella achieved:

  • FedRAMP, FIPS, and STIG compliance in weeks versus months
  • Reduced implementation time and improved developer experience
  • Proactive vulnerability detection in development, saving hours of developer time
  • Simplified security data management with a complete SBOM management solution

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Navigating the complexity and volume of compliance requirements can be overwhelming for IT and security teams, especially with increased workloads and resource constraints. Cisco Umbrella’s experience shows that with the right tools, achieving compliance can be streamlined and manageable. Discover how you can implement these strategies in your organization by downloading our case study, "How Cisco Umbrella Achieved FedRAMP Compliance in Weeks," and take the first step towards streamlined compliance today.