Today, we are pleased to announce the release of Anchore Enterprise 5.0 which is now Generally Available for download. This is a major release representing a step change from the Anchore Enterprise 4.x code base, which contains several new features and improvements to the foundational API. 

It’s been over a year and a half since Anchore Enterprise 4.0 was released and it’s been a tumultuous time in software security. The rate of critical flaws being discovered in open source software has been ever increasing and the regulatory response driven by the U.S. government’s Executive Order is now being felt in the market. We’ve always been proud of our customer base and have worked hard to ensure that we are delivering real value to them in response to these dynamics. The improvements to security posture usually come less from novel techniques than just making the existing hard tasks easier. We’d like to thank all our customers who contributed their feedback and insights into making 5.0 the foundation for their security workflows.

Anchore Enterprise 5.0 continues our mission of delivering new features on a fast and regular cadence to our customers while also giving us the opportunity to redesign some of the core parts of the product to make the day to day life of operators and users easier. 5.0 will now be the foundation for a series of major new features we are planning over the next 12 months. 

Simplified Reporting 

We have introduced a new design to the reporting section of the graphical user interface. The underlying functionality is the same as with 4.x but the UI now features a more intuitive layout to create and manage your reports. New reports start with a clean layout where new filters can be added and then saved as a template. Scheduled and unscheduled reports are summarized in a single clean overview.

Single, unified API and Helm Chart for simpler operations

Previously Anchore exposed its capabilities through multiple API endpoints making it hard to create integration workflows. 5.0 now unifies them under the new v2 API and makes them available under a single endpoint. This new API makes it easier to create scripts and code without coding to different endpoints.  In addition, we've created a new streamlined Helm chart for deploying Anchore in Kubernetes environments to ensure that all configuration options are easily accessed in a single location.

Easier Vulnerability Matching Logic

Reducing false positives is an ever-present goal for every security team. Based on Syft and Grype, our flagship open source projects, we are continually evaluating the best logic and vulnerability feeds for the highest quality results. With 5.0, we’ve made it easier for users to control which vulnerability feeds should be used for which language ecosystems. New sources such as Github’s Advisory Database often provide a higher quality experience for Java which continues to be ubiquitous in the enterprise. 

We invite you to learn more about Anchore Enterprise 5.0 in a demo call with one of our specialists or sign up for a free 15 day trial here.