Syft can now identify and catalog R packages and include them in the resulting Software Bill of Materials. R is a popular software environment for statistical computing and graphics. To use Syft's new R cataloging support, point Syft at a directory, image, or container that has some R packages installed. For instance, you can scan the r-base image provided by Docker:

$ syft r-base
 ✔ Parsed image
 ✔ Cataloged packages      [305 packages]

NAME                        VERSION                         TYPE
KernSmooth                  2.23-20                         R-package
MASS                        7.3-58.2                        R-package
Matrix                      1.5-3                           R-package
apt                         2.6.0                           deb
base                        4.3.0                           R-package

This feature is new in Syft 0.81. Please let us know if you have any questions or problems with this new cataloger by filing an issue in our GitHub. If you want to extend Syft and write your own cataloger for a new kind of package, check out our contributor's guide.