An update to the Anchore Container Scanner Plugin is now available through the Jenkins Plugin Manager. Version 1.0.16 adds to the existing configurability and allows the plugin to exercise a broader set of functionality offered by Anchore Engine. This version of the plugin was developed and tested against Anchore Engine version 0.2.3.


Anchore Container Scanner Plugin Version 1.0.16

  • New configuration to specify policy bundle ID for image evaluation. The policy bundle must exist on Anchore Engine in advance of the plugin usage. If left blank, Anchore Engine will use the default bundle for policy evaluation
  • New configuration to specify annotations on images submitted to Anchore Engine for analysis
  • Project level overrides for the plugin’s global settings. The plugin can be configured to use a different Anchore Engine URL, credentials or SSL verification in a given Jenkins project without impacting the global settings or other projects

  • Raw vulnerability report in addition to previously existing policy evaluation report post-completion

In addition to the new features, this update has a few improvements to the plugin operation

  • Enable/disable toggle in global settings has been deprecated. Anchore Container Scanner plugin is enabled by default
  • Improved logging reduces the verbosity of the logs in the default INFO level and makes it easier to follow the progress of the plugin operations

These updates are intended to improve the pipeline scripting usage of the plugin significantly and to keep the plugin up-to-date with the latest Anchore Engine functionality.

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