Anchore Enterprise is now available through Red Hat Marketplace, an open cloud marketplace that makes it easier to discover and access certified software for container-based environments across the hybrid cloud.

Built in partnership by Red Hat and IBM, Red Hat Marketplace is designed to make it easy for developers, procurement teams and IT leaders to gain access to popular enterprise software. The software in the marketplace has all been tested and certified for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, so it runs anywhere OpenShift runs.

We think it’s important to know what’s inside the containers you build and ship. That’s why you should integrate deep container image inspection into every stage of the DevOps workflow. At Anchore, our mission is to make sure that’s easy. We are excited to offer Anchore Enterprise through the Red Hat Marketplace so it can be seamlessly discovered and deployed by software builders everywhere.

This has been a big week for our friendship with Red Hat! Just yesterday we released Development at Mach One, a white paper documenting our recent shared mission implementing DevSecOps with the United States Air Force. Read it to learn how powerful Anchore and Red Hat are when we work together with our customers. Then visit out our Red Hat Marketplace entry to get started with Anchore Enterprise today.