Visibility into cloud-native software applications is essential for securing the software supply chain. Today’s applications include code and components from many different sources, including internal developers, open source projects, and commercial software. With the release of 3.3, Anchore Enterprise now provides richer insight into your software components to identify more vulnerabilities and security risks along with UI enhancements to streamline the management of your container image analysis. 

Discover and Mitigate Vulnerabilities and Security Risks Found in Rocky Linux Containers

Anchore Enterprise 3.3 can now scan and continuously monitor Rocky Linux container images for any security issues present in installed Rocky Linux packages to improve their security posture and reduce threats. Rocky Linux packages are now also included in SBOMs. Additionally, customers can apply Anchore’s customizable policy enforcement to Rocky Linux packages and vulnerabilities.

Create Customizable Login Messages to Share Info with Your Team

A customizable banner can now be added to the login page. This can be used to provide Anchore Enterprise users with information such as instructions on how to login (i.e. SSO or email address) or which administrator to contact in the event of an issue. Both end-users and administrators will benefit from this new feature as it will enable collaboration and communication between internal teams that are using Anchore Enterprise. 

Delete Multiple Items at Once in the Repository View Through the UI

Anchore Enterprise UI users can now select and delete multiple repo tags and “failed” images from the Repository View. When an image is analyzed, a list of repo tags are generated. These tags are alphanumeric identifiers that are attached to an image name. Depending on the content of the image, hundreds of these tags can be generated, many of which are superfluous to the user. Now, rather than having to click on and delete each tag individually, users can delete these unnecessary tags in bulk. Additionally, users can delete multiple images at once that have failed analysis either due to policy requirements or a misconfiguration as well.  

Evaluate Policy Bundle Changes Without Having to Leave the Edit Screen

Anchore Enterprise UI users will now be able to view their policy evaluation as they edit their policy bundles without having to leave the edit screen in the UI. Policy bundle evaluations provide users with a pass or fail status for their images based on user-defined allowlists and blocklists. The ability to view the evaluation while editing the policy bundle enables users to see how their changes are affecting the evaluation without having to leave the screen they are working in.