Over the last 2 months, we ran a short survey to collect information about Container usage. The survey was slightly shorter than the one we performed in conjunction with DevOps.com and Redmonk 6 months ago but provides deep insight into how the container ecosystem has shifted and continued to evolve over a short period of time. Running multiple surveys gives us the ability to see trends develop and as we review the results of each survey we think of new questions to ask in the next survey to dig deeper.

One of the most interesting data points we extracted, which backs up what we’ve seen in the field, is who is paying for container infrastructure: how much of the container infrastructure is paid -vs- free. In our next survey, we'll dig deeper into this topic to see where organizations are financially investing in their container infrastructure.

Another interesting finding from the survey data was that many companies/container users still lack the necessary security practices to safely deploy containers in production environments.  Operations and security are still racing to catch up with developers when it comes to the use of containers, but they will need to adapt quickly and put the governance in place to effectively execute and capitalize on the benefits of true microservices architecture.