Today we delivered Anchore's first webinar where we gave an introduction into Anchore's open source project and discussed how we can democratize certification through the use of open source.

A primary concern for enterprises adopting Docker is security most notably, in the governance and compliance of the containers that they are deploying. In the past, as we moved from physical server deployments to virtual machines we saw similar issues and we spoke about "VM sprawl" but containers are set to exponentially outgrow VM deployments. It's almost too easy to pull an application image from a public registry and run it, within seconds you can deploy an application in production without even knowing what's under the covers.

Organizations want to have confidence in their deployments, to know that when they deploy an application it will work, it will be secure, it can be maintained and it will be performant.

In the past, this confidence came through certification. Commercial Linux distributions such as Red Hat, SuSE and others set the standard and worked with hardware and software vendors on certification programs to give a level of assurance to end-users that the operating system would run reliably on their hardware and also offer insurance in the form of enterprise-grade commercial support if they encountered issues.

Today the problem is more complex and there can no longer be just a single certification. For example, the requirements of a financial services company are different from the requirements of a healthcare company handling medical records and these are different from the needs of a federal institution and so on. Even the needs of individual departments within any given organization may be different.

What is needed now is the ability for IT operations and security to be able to define their own certification requirements which may differ even from application to application, allowing them to define these policies and evaluate them before applications are deployed into production.

What we are talking about is the democratization of certification

Rather than having certification in the hands of a small number of vendors or standards bodies, we want to allow organizations to define what certification means to them.

Anchore's goal is to provide a toolset that allows developers, operations, and security teams to maintain full visibility of the 'chain of custody' as containers move through the development lifecycle while providing the visibility, predictability, and control needed for production deployment.

Please tune into the webinar where we go a level deeper to discuss the challenges around container certification, how an open source, democratized approach can help end-users and introduce our open source tooling.