Anchore Delivers the Power of Certification Directly to End Users

SANTA BARBARA, CA – October 11, 2017 - Anchore, Inc., today announced Anchore Cloud 2.0, a suite of software tools that, via a simple User Interface (UI), provides developers, operations and security teams with a path to fully compliant container workloads both on-premise or in the cloud.

Anchore Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product built on a powerful, open source analysis and policy engine that allows users to search for container images on public and private registries. With Anchore Cloud users can perform a detailed analysis of container images and apply user-defined policies to ensure that containers meet the organization's security requirements and operational best practices.

Anchore Cloud supports integration with the open source Anchore Engine for on-premises deployments, allowing the policies defined on Anchore Cloud service to be applied to images created and stored on-premises, and ensuring proper compliance prior to production deployment. Anchore is already integrated with popular open source tools including Jenkins and Kubernetes today.

Key Anchore Cloud 2.0 features include:

  • Deep inspection of container images including operating system packages and software libraries;
  • Graphical policy editor to allow creation and management of custom policies;
  • Notifications service providing email notifications for image updates, policy evaluations, and security vulnerabilities;
  • Powerful search interface including historic tag and image data;
  • Access to both private and public images on Dockerhub and Amazon EC2 Container Registry;
  • Integration with on-premises CI/CD plugin and local Anchore Engine service.

“As new development-to-production workflows are introduced with containers at their core, there is a growing need for developers, operations, and security professionals to be able to deeply inspect and control the fast and highly variable flow of software within containers,” said Daniel Nurmi, CTO and Co-founder at Anchore. “With the addition of an easy-to-use policy editor, an expanded set of notifications, and support for public and private registries including Amazon's EC2 Container registry, Anchore Cloud 2.0 gives users the tools necessary to achieve a controllable containerized software flow in a way that can be certified by the user for their specific needs. Coupled with our open source on-premise engine, Anchore Cloud 2.0 provides users the ability to quickly and easily integrate powerful inspection, reporting, and security and compliance checks into their existing or new container build environments.”

“With the Rancher container management platform, our goal is to make container security as easy to implement as containers,” said Nick Stinemates, VP of Business Development at Rancher Labs. “By partnering with Anchore, we’re able to ensure that our users' container workloads are both secure and compliant.”

About Anchore
Container adoption is accelerating, but with speed comes risk. With Anchore, users can create a trusted standard for containers that is predictable and protectable, with development, production, and security teams on the same page from the start. Anchore democratizes certification and empowers users to secure their containers, so they can deploy them with confidence. Anchore, Inc. was founded in April 2016 and is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA.