New Functionality Gives Navigator Users Power to Independently Verify Certification Status, Define Certification Policies for all Container Images

Santa Barbara, CA – February 7, 2017 - Anchore, Inc., announced today new functionality for its free Navigator service, a simple and powerful user interface that allows application developers and data center operations teams to search for and inspect container images across multiple registries, including DockerHub. Additional public and third party private registries will be added in the first quarter of 2017. Using Anchore Navigator, users can perform deep inspections of container images, including package manifest, software libraries, configuration files and security policies.

Finding the right container image and keeping track of updates is becoming increasingly complicated with nearly 500,000 images on DockerHub and thousands more hosted by cloud providers such as Amazon and Google, as well as a growing number of private registries hosted by independent software vendors. With Navigator, users can quickly search for images that meet their requirements including detailed content, security and compliance status. In addition to current content, a detailed analysis of historic images is maintained including the frequency of updates made to images, ensuring they are well maintained and allow for a user to subscribe to notifications when an image has been updated.

"While end-users welcome the simplicity containers bring to deploying off-the-shelf applications, software vendors face a number of adoption challenges," said Saïd Ziouani, CEO and Cofounder of Anchore. "Many enterprises are reluctant to deploy a third-party container without knowing what is inside the container or if the container has introduced new risks into their organization in terms of security, compliance and overall best practices."

With Anchore's Navigator software vendors and service providers can enable their customers to verify the compliance of container images without needing to download and analyze the images themselves. This validation by an independent third party, using open source tools with a published certification policy allows enterprises to deploy third party containers with confidence.

"Shipping Scality's applications as containers greatly simplifies deployment and maintenance for our customers,” said Giorgio Regni, Founder and CTO at Scality. "However, enterprise customers want to be sure that the containers they are deploying are secure and well maintained. Using Anchore's tools we can define strict policies for security and compliance that ensure only images that meet our stringent security requirements are released. Anchore's Navigator allows our customers to independently verify the certification status of all their images at any time, as well as define their own specific certification policies.”

"When it comes to deploying containers in the enterprise, trust is an enormously important factor. Container users must trust their ability to scan containers at scale with the ability to deeply inspect them," said Stephen O'Grady, Principal Analyst at RedMonk. "One of the better mechanisms to earn this trust is open source, where not only can the performance be validated, but so can the quality of the code itself. This is the approach Anchore has taken with Navigator."

The Anchore Navigator is available immediately at with access to all public DockerHub images with other public and private registries coming online in the first quarter of 2017.

About Anchore
Container adoption is accelerating, but with speed comes risk. With Anchore, users can create a trusted standard for containers that is predictable and protectable, with development, production, and security teams on the same page from the start. Anchore democratizes certification and empowers users to secure their containers, so they can deploy them with confidence. Anchore, Inc. was founded by enterprise veterans, Saïd Ziouani, Dan Nurmi. The company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA.