PDF cover image of Anchore 2021 Software Supply Chain Security Report

Secure Your Software Supply Chain

64% of organizations report having been affected by software supply chain attacks. Prevent attacks by securing your containers with Anchore

PDF cover image of Anchore 2021 Software Supply Chain Security Report

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Automate Security Processes in Your DevSecOps Methodology

Adding security into DevOps requires new processes, innovative technology, and a collaborative culture among developers, operations, and security. Learn the 12 crucial things Gartner says your organization must get right for DevSecOps success.


Gartner Research Report

12 Things to Get Right for Successful DevSecOps

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Anchore Enterprise

Policy-Based Security and Compliance

Anchore Enterprise is a complete container security workflow solution for professional teams. Easily integrating with the software delivery lifecycle stack, it allows developers to bolster security without compromising velocity and enables security teams to audit and verify compliance in real time. It is based on Anchore Engine, an open-source image inspection and scanning tool.


We use Anchore Engine to enforce security and compliance checking for production container workloads distributed across dozens of Kubernetes clusters.

Anchore Federal

End-to-End Security and Compliance for Federal Agencies

Anchore Federal is uniquely designed to identify and understand the exact composition of software containers and can enforce user-defined acceptance policies based on any U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) compliance standards. It includes a collection of out-of-the-box policy rules to validate compliance with the rigid security requirements of the DoD program. It also provides access, via support arrangements, to the engineering resources at the very forefront of the project to ensure partners and programs are implementing best practices.

Anchore Open Source Homepage
Anchore Open Source Homepage

Anchore Open Source

Open Source Container Inspection and Analysis

Anchore's open source tools for deep image inspection and vulnerability scanning allow users to perform detailed analysis of container workloads, producing reports and defining policies that can be used in the software delivery lifecycle stack. Our open source tools are the foundation of Anchore Enterprise, a container security workflow solution.

The Most Comprehensive Container
Security Inspection Platform

Anchore performs deep inspection of container images, generating a detailed software bill-of-materials and allowing you to apply specific policy gates and checks for your entire container workload on premises and in the cloud.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Perform a detailed and thorough scan for any known vulnerabilities in your application and operating system packages

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Secrets & Passwords

Ensure all secrets are not present in your image including passwords, API keys, and any other sensitive information

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Operating System Packages

Anchore performs a thorough scan on your container image to identify any known operating system packages

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3rd Party Libraries

Easily identify non-OS third party libraries, including Node.js NPM, Ruby GEM, Python PIP, DotNet, JAVA archives and more

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Allowlist elements of your image when performing analysis to ensure that detection does not block the deployment of an image

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With Anchore you can easily denylist elements like usernames, user ID’s, licenses, packages, or images in their entirety

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Dockerfile Checks

Analyze and perform a check on the contents of a Dockerfile or the Docker history for any container image

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Other Checks

Identify configuration files, file permissions, unpackaged files, and anything else you’d like to uncover


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