We’re happy today to announce the immediate availability of Anchore Enterprise version 1.2, the latest in our journey to provide users with the ability to enforce container security and best-practices with usable, flexible, cross-organization, and above all time-saving technology and techniques from Anchore. This release is based on the all-new (and also available today) OSS Anchore Engine version 0.3.0.

New Features

In addition to all of the features available already in Anchore Enterprise, Anchore Enterprise 1.2 adds major new features that have been built in response to direct input from existing Anchore users and customers. As organizations continue to push forward with a reliance on container technology as the foundation for production application deployment, organizational needs in the areas of security, compliance and various types of control integration points have become much more broad in scope. The overarching purpose of many of the new features of Anchore Enterprise 1.2 is to directly address these needs, by introducing capabilities that allow for more sophisticated usage of (and refined access to) the core functions of Anchore container image scanning. The major new features of this release are:

  • New Multi-user Support: updated account/user model and management APIs
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC): configure users and teams with different access levels within a scope of resources
  • New “Security First” Reports: aggregate reports of vulnerable images given security identifier inputs, with formatted report generation available in the Anchore Enterprise UI
  • New UI Controls and Features: User management, RBAC management, User switching support in the Anchore Enterprise UI
  • Inclusion of vulnerability data from Snyk: accurate, high fidelity and frequently updated language package (NPM, GEM, Java, Python, more to come) software vulnerability detection, to seamlessly improve existing security scanning features with best-in-class vulnerability data

With the combination of a full set of account and user management APIs and Role Based Access Controls, Anchore users can now overlay a flexible organizational structure atop Anchore, allowing different development teams, security teams, and ops teams with the right levels of access and resource views within a common deployment of Anchore Enterprise, easily managed and accessible via the included GUI. While Anchore continues to allow users to query and generate security and other reports based on image information, Anchore Enterprise 1.2 includes an all-new ‘Security First’ query set, allowing sec/ops oriented users to instead generate reports based on security information (CVE Vulnerability identifiers, vendor vulnerability identifiers, software package information, etc). Finally, the Anchore Enterprise GUI allows for all Anchore core functionality to be accessed quickly by users with different needs and roles and has capabilities allowing enabled users to access resources across accounts in one place.

Technology Refresh

In addition to this collection of directly usable features in Anchore Enterprise 1.2, there have also been a number of major technology framework updates that are part of OSS Anchore Engine 0.3.0 and Enterprise 1.2, including:

For a full description of new features, improvements and fixes available in Anchore Engine OSS.

We would like to sincerely thank all of our open-source users, customers and contributors for all of the spirited discussion, feedback, and code contributions that are all part of this latest release of Anchore Engine OSS!

Anchore Enterprise 1.2 Available Now

With Anchore Enterprise 1.2, available immediately, our goal has been to include a brand new set of exciting and usable updates for existing Anchore users that can be utilized immediately by upgrading existing deployments of Anchore Enterprise, and also to provide an even more compelling starting point for any organizations looking to quickly and easily add powerful security, compliance and best-practice enforcement capabilities to existing container environments.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our latest release, and look forward to working with you!