We’re truly excited today to announce the immediate availability of Anchore Enterprise version 2.0, the latest OSS and Enterprise software from Anchore that provides users with the tools and techniques needed to enforce container security, compliance and best-practices requirements with usable, flexible, cross-organization, and above all time-saving technology from Anchore. This release is based on the all-new (and also available today) OSS Anchore Engine version 0.4.0).

New Features of Enterprise 2.0

Building on top of the existing Anchore Enterprise 1,2 release, Anchore Enterprise version 2.0 adds major new features and architectural updates that collectively represent the technical expression of discussions, experiences, and feedback from customers and users of Anchore over the last several years. As we continue to gain in-depth insight into the challenges that Dev/Ops and Sec/Ops groups face, we’re observing container-based deployments becoming more of the norm rather than the exception (for production workloads).

As a consequence, the size, responsiveness, information retrieval and reporting breadth, and operational needs demanded of Anchore in its role as an essential piece of policy-based security and compliance infrastructure have grown in kind.

The overarching purpose of the new features and design of the 2.0 version of Anchore Enterprise is to directly address the challenges of continued growth and scale by extending the enterprise integration capabilities of Anchore, establishing an architecture that grows alongside our users’ demanding throughput and scale requirements, and offering even more insight into users’ container image environments through rich new APIs and reporting capabilities, all in addition to the rich set of enforcement capabilities included with Anchore Enterprise’s flexible policy engine.

The major new features and resources launched as part of Anchore Enterprise 2.0 include:

  • GUI Dashboard: new configurable landing page for users of the Enterprise UI, presenting complex information summaries and metrics time series for deep insight into the collective status of your container image environment.
  • Enterprise Reporting Service: entirely new service that runs alongside existing Anchore Enterprise services that exposes the full corpus of container image information available to Anchore Engine via a flexible GraphQL interface
  • LDAP Integration: Anchore Enterprise can now be configured to integrate with your organization’s LDAP/AD identity management system, with flexible mappings of LDAP information to Anchore Enterprise’s RBAC account and user subsystem.
  • Red Hat Universal Base Image: all Anchore Enterprise container images have been re-platformed atop the recently announced Red Hat Universal Base Image, bringing more enterprise-grade software and support options to users deploying Anchore Enterprise in Red Hat environments.
  • Anchore Engine 0.4.0: Anchore Enterprise is built on top of the OSS Anchore Engine, which has received many new features and updates as well (see below for details).
  • New Documentation and Resources: Alongside the release of Anchore Engine 0.4.0, we’ve launched a brand new documentation site that provides a more flexible structure, versioned documentation sets, and greatly enhanced feedback and contribution capabilities.
  • New Support Portal: customers of Anchore Enterprise 2.0 are now provided with full access to a new support portal for better ticket tracking and feature request submissions.

Anchore Engine OSS

Anchore Enterprise 2.0 is built on top of Anchore Engine version 0.4.0 - a new version of the fully functional core services that drive all Anchore deployments. Anchore Engine has received a number of new features and other new project updates:

  • Automated Data Management: new automation capabilities and rules allow simplified management of the volume of analysis data while still supporting audit capabilities. New data tiers support flexible management of Anchore data resources as your deployment grows and scales over time.
  • Policy Hub: centralized repository of Anchore policies, accessible by all Anchore users, where pre-canned policies are available either to be used directly or as a starting point for your own policy definitions.
  • Rootless Analyzers: new implementation of the core image analysis capabilities of Anchore which no longer require any special access to handle the high variability found within container images, while still providing the deep inspection needed for powerful security and compliance enforcement.
  • Red Hat Universal Base Image: all Anchore Engine container images have been re-platformed atop the recently announced and freely available Red Hat Universal Base Image, bringing more enterprise-grade software and support options to users deploying Anchore Engine in Red Hat environments.

For a full description of new features, improvements and fixes available in Anchore Engine OSS, click here.

Once again, we would like to sincerely thank all of our open-source users, customers and contributors for all of the spirited discussion, feedback, and code contributions that are all part of this latest release of Anchore Engine OSS! If you’re new to Anchore, we would like nothing more than to have you join our community!

Anchore Enterprise 2.0 Available Now

With Anchore Enterprise 2.0, available immediately, our goal has been to include a brand new set of large scale and enterprise-focused updates for all Anchore users that can be utilized immediately by upgrading existing deployments of Anchore Enterprise or Anchore Engine OSS.

For users looking for comprehensive solutions to the unique challenges of securing and enforcing best-practices and compliance to existing CI/CD, container monitoring and control frameworks, and other container-native pipelines, we sincerely hope you enjoy our latest release of Anchore software and other resources - we look forward to working with you!

For more information on requesting a trial, or getting started with Anchore Enterprise 2.0, please direct your browser to the Anchore Enterprise.