Container adoption is soaring in enterprises and the public sector, making services such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service extremely valuable for DevOps teams that want to run containerized workloads in Kubernetes easily and efficiently. For organizations that are already deploying, scaling and managing containerized applications with Kubernetes, Amazon EKS spreads your workload across availability zones to ensure a robust implementation of your Kubernetes control plane.

Announcing Anchore Engine in the AWS Marketplace

We are very excited to announce the availability of Anchore Engine in the AWS Marketplace. Anchore Engine allows users to bring industry-leading open source container security and compliance to their container landscape in EKS. Deployment is done using the Anchore Engine Helm Chart, which can be found in GitHub. So if you are already running an EKS cluster with Helm configured, you can now deploy Anchore Engine directly from the AWS marketplace to tighten up your Container security posture.

With our unique approach to static scanning, DevOps teams can seamlessly integrate Anchore into their CI/CD pipeline to ensure that images are analyzed thoroughly for known vulnerabilities before deploying them into production. This will not only avoid the pain of finding and remediating vulnerabilities at runtime but also allow the end-user to define and enforce custom security policies to meet their specific company’s internal policies and any applicable regulatory security standards.

Getting Started

To get started, take a look at the Anchore Engine documentation to familiarize yourself with the basics. Then, once you have EKS set up, visit the Anchore Engine AWS Marketplace page to take the next steps.