Since we released Anchore’s open source project almost a year ago we’ve seen fast-growing adoption by users who want to perform detailed inspection and analysis of their container images. By far the most common use case we see with our users is deploying Anchore within their continuous integration and deployment pipelines (CI/CD) especially with Jenkins.

In some of the recent events we’ve attended it’s been great to talk to end-users who are already using Anchore. We’ve heard a pretty consistent message in the conversations we’ve had:

Developers love Docker and it’s already a vital part of their development process and they are either already deploying Docker in production or are planning to do so. What we hear from operations and security folks is often a little different! We hear talks of ‘Shadow IT’ and unmanaged deployments. Right now it seems like the security and operations teams are racing to catch up with development.

Rather than trying to slow things down, most of the operations teams that we talk to want to just “get out of the way and let developers innovate” but they need to balance this with their organization’s needs around security and compliance.

Based on the experience we have already built with organizations in addressing these issues, today we are launching a new offering that we call Anchore Champion that provides a combination of services and support to jumpstart the process of securing an organization's CI/CD pipeline and adding compliance and governance into their DevOps environment.

The Anchore Champion service begins with a container policy and compliance working session where we, virtually, get together with all the stakeholders: developers, operations and security to work through their requirements for compliance and then build a set of sample policies and whitelists that encompass their needs.

Next, we provide support for architecting a secure container build environment - helping integrate Anchore into a Jenkins or other CI/CD pipeline.

And we provide ongoing support for creating policies, configuration and general operation of Anchore.