The Department of Defense's (DoD) Software Modernization Implementation Plan, unveiled in March 2023, represents a significant stride towards transforming software delivery timelines from years to days. This ambitious plan leverages the power of containers and modern DevSecOps practices within a DoD software factory.

Our latest white paper, titled "DevSecOps for a DoD Software Factory: 6 Best Practices for Container Images," dives deep into the security practices for securing container images in a DoD software factory. It also details how Anchore Federal—a pivotal tool within this framework—supports these best practices to enhance security and compliance across multiple DoD software factories including the US Air Force's Platform One, Iron Bank, and the US Navy's Black Pearl.

Key Insights from the White Paper

  • Securing Container Images: The paper outlines six essential best practices ranging from using trusted base images to continuous vulnerability scanning and remediation. Each practice is backed by both DoD guidance and relevant NIST standards, ensuring alignment with federal requirements.
  • Role of Anchore Federal: As a proven tool in the arena of container image security, Anchore Federal facilitates these best practices by integrating seamlessly into DevSecOps workflows, providing continuous scanning, and enabling automated policy enforcement. It's designed to meet the stringent security needs of DoD software factories, ready for deployment even in classified and air-gapped environments.
  • Supporting Rapid and Secure Software Delivery: With the DoD's shift towards software factories, the need for robust, secure, and agile software delivery mechanisms has never been more critical. Anchore Federal is the turnkey solution for automating security processes and ensuring that all container images meet the DoD's rigorous security and compliance requirements.

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