Over the last year, we received great feedback from our customers regarding our Container Security for U.S. Government Information Systems white paper. Today, we are publishing version 2.0, which updates and expands upon last year’s document.

The two central challenges for Federal organizations remain the same:

  1. Security and compliance guidelines are increasing in both urgency and complexity
  2. Development velocity must not be sacrificed in the pursuit of stronger security

Anchore helps Federal organizations address those two competing needs by providing technologies and services that integrate container security scanning into the development process so that development velocity can be maintained while meeting security requirements prior to launching code into runtime.

In version 2.0 of this paper, we dive further into topics such as:

  1. Using approved container parent images
  2. Protecting against supply chain attacks
  3. Leveraging container immutability for increased security
  4. Expressing security policy as code

To learn more about these topics and Anchore’s guidance for Federal, read our updated Container Security for U.S. Government Information Systems white paper