This is a special guest post from our CEO, Saïd Ziouani to celebrate and reflect on five years of the Anchore journey.

As we celebrate Anchore’s fifth birthday this month, and reflect on our journey thus far, I am truly humbled at what our talented team of professionals has accomplished in such a short period of time. Anchore was founded on three core values: Kindness, Openness, and Ownership. Our employees (affectionately called Anchorenauts) exemplify each of those values every day, and are the backbone of the company.

When Dan Nurmi, Co-founder, and I got together back in 2016 to start Anchore, container technology was still in the early stages, but adoption was starting to take shape at a pace that was like nothing we’d seen in the past. We could see how security and compliance would need to be re-imagined to a “continuous” approach that would allow developers to deliver innovation quickly and securely. We then realized that coupling the container adoption movement with developer-led security (or “shift left”) was going to be the foundational play for our next adventure.

Today, after five wonderful years of innovation, building a team, raising capital and instilling a strong operational foundation, I’m pleased to see how far we have come as a company. At 75 people strong, we are excited to be helping Fortune 100 companies such as eBay, NVIDIA and Cisco and government agencies such as the U.S. Air Force and Navy to develop secure cloud-native applications. And we’ve been honored to work alongside DevOps leaders such as GitLab, GitHub and Cloudbees to advance DevSecOps practices.

As we look forward, the next five years at Anchore will be full of new innovations as we help organizations secure their software supply chains in a world of increasing threats. We also seek to develop and inspire the next generation of engineers, technologists and leaders, both within Anchore and in the larger open source and technology community.

I’m even more excited now than I was the day Dan and I founded the company. The thrill of being at the forefront of such amazing and dynamic technology is more than we expected. As Anchorenauts have heard me say many times in the past, “it’s really all about the journey.” At Anchore, we surround ourselves with hardworking, kind individuals, all driving toward a common goal of building a technology that contributes to ensuring a safer and more secure world. I’m grateful to our industry partners, valued customers and all Anchorenauts — from those who’ve been with us since the early days to those who have embraced the journey with us more recently. We look forward to continuing to build this amazing company together!