Anchore’s management program is founded on passionate people leaders who are kind, open, and invest in their team’s success.  Finding passionate leaders means opening the door to opportunities for all employees. We empower Anchorenauts to apply for management roles and participate in a cross-functional interview process.     

A few months into Dan Luhring’s (he/him) time at Anchore, a management role opened up in the Engineering organization.  When the Director of Engineering asked if anyone on the team was interested in pursuing the role, Dan immediately raised his hand. 

Developing Passionate and Supportive Leaders“When I interviewed for the manager position with the leadership team, I was glad that I was going through a formal process because it made me realize that Anchore understands how vitally important great managers are to the success of the company.”

Upon joining the Anchore management team, all leaders go through a robust training program where they learn more about different communication and working styles, coaching conversations, and the guiding principle of Anchore’s management philosophy: building trusting relationships.

“I love our manager training series.  I thought the role-playing exercises were really thoughtfully done and have been missing from manager training I’ve done in the past. Between the training sessions, ongoing employee programs, and overall partnership, I feel really supported by our People Operations team in my role.” 

Anchore’s continuous performance model enables our managers to set a strong foundation of trust and clear communication from day one.  Although Dan had already been working with his team before becoming a manager, the Stay Interviews gave Dan even more insight into his new direct reports. 

“I got a ton of value out of the Stay Interviews with my direct reports. It’s really useful to know what motivates people, how they like to receive recognition and feedback, and what their long-term career goals are.  It made me more aware of their professional interests outside of their day-to-day responsibilities. Because I know the motivators of my direct reports, I can assign special projects based on individual interest, even if it’s not something they do in their core role.”  

Reflecting on his opportunity to join the management team, Dan is excited to be part of making Anchore a great place to work and continuing to lead his team based on trust.    

“There are things that Anchore gets right that I find to be really unique. We are thoughtful about who we promote into the management team.  We have great support and autonomy with helpful programs and tools to facilitate trusting relationships, really caring about the people who report to us and wanting to help them achieve their career goals.”

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