The Kindness Campaign, inspired by Anchore’s core values, focuses on spreading kindness throughout our local communities. With Anchorenauts distributed across the US and UK, our quarterly volunteer program enables and encourages Anchorenauts to connect with local organizations and give back. In addition to direct support for various causes throughout the year, Anchore empowers team members to get involved with eight (8) paid volunteer hours per quarter.

This month, we are excited to partner with Ashley Goldstein from the Santa Barbara based organization, Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV). WEV, in partnership with Mixteco Indigena Community Organization Project (‘MICOP”), programatically supports aspiring entrepreneurs within the Indigenous and Latinx community in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

Budding entrepreneurs hold up their Women’s Economic Ventures certification.

Through the Los Emprendedores Program, Ashley firmly believes in the WEV’s and MICOP’s ability to empower members with the skills they need to launch their own businesses and to effect change in the most marginalized populations.

As part of the Kindness Campaign, Anchore has donated gently used Apple MacBooks to support budding entrepreneurs with the tools needed to kick start their businesses and enable their tremendous entrepreneurship training in the Los Emprendedores Program. In the program, participants develop highly valuable business skills ranging from business planning, grant writing, digital marketing, and key ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance) practices.

As a tech company, we deeply believe in the responsibility to give back a piece of the industry to our community through widening access to both basic technology, but also business and career opportunities in the technology sector. At Anchore, we feel a great sense of pride in playing a part in contributing to that in our community, and are grateful for the opportunity to support Ashley, WEV, and MICOP.

How You Can Take Action

If your company has gently used computer equipment that is ready to be donated, we encourage you to reach out to WEV, and other organizations doing amazing work in their communities such as Boys & Girls Clubs of America (that have local chapters nationwide) to learn more about the ways you can help.

Be sure to check back next quarter to hear about new activity with Anchore’s Kindness Campaign.